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Monday, February 14, 2011

Christina Aquilera's Performance Problems

Singer/Actress Christina Aquilera has suffered two big performance snafus in the last week. She forgot the lyrics to the National Anthem while singing at the Super Bowl. Last night she tripped while singing on stage and had to hold herself up with the microphone stand. I didn't watch either event, I'm just reading about it, so don't really know the real story. I also don't remember all the words to the National Anthem at this point so I wouldn't have known if Aquilera would have messed them up. Aquilera's been going through a Venus Return in Capricorn. Venus is a major ruler for singers, Capricorn's always the pro. But, there are always multiple ways to read these things. Capricorn is the sign of karma, so guilt gets in there and sort of sabotages one's behaviors from a very deep place. Either way, the thing that Capricorn can handle least well is social humiliation.

Was wondering about the Astrology. Aquilera is going through a Divorce so one doesn't really need Astrology. But, according to the parents who won't leave my other blog alone, there are good divorces and bad divorces and so we shouldn't assume that Aquilera is going through a bad divorce. But, frankly, after looking at the Astrology all I can't think is, this must be one bad divorce. The news says that it's a "messy divorce." The husband has been living in the house with Aquilera who has moved a new boyfriend in. Aquilera is a Sagittarius with Aquarius Rising so we don't expect the grass to grow under her feet for too long in the relationship department. But, that's not necessarily a good thing.

When you're rich, the divorce revolves around money and so you want to look at a person's 2d and 8th Houses. Aquilera has natal Moon in Taurus in the 2d house. This shows that she's probably pretty attached to her possessions and money for emotional security. She has an exact conjunction of Moon to Chiron at 15 Taurus. That's wounding.

There's another exact conjunction of Jupiter to Saturn at 9 Libra in the 7th House very closely conjunct her 8th House of shared finances. Saturn in H7 means that one is pretty much on one's own no matter how many folks are trying to help. One naturally understands that it's good to take on a self-management attitude with regards to relationships. The couple had a pre-nup. With Jupiter in H7 it could mean that you're going to attract some folks who want to help you. I guess it might also explain the two men in the house tension. Too much good stuff is just too much. With the two planets so closely entwined in Libra, the sign of Marriage, and in Libra's house, there's definitely a signature for some super intense socialization in one on one relationships.

Aquilera's going through her Saturn Return right now, so Saturn right now is strongest. Going through a divorce during a Saturn return with an angular Saturn isn't going to be easy. She has to watch that she's taking care of herself with regards to depression, etc. With Neptune passing into H1 she probably is just so horny she can't control much else. But, hope she's not taking any drugs right now. There's no way in hell she's telling anybody the whole truth, nothing but the truth right now. There's just these little lapses of aphasia going on which somehow always work in her favor. With natal Sun conjunct Neptune in Sagittarius she probably has a naturally low tolerance for drugs and is probably really good at forgetting any promises she makes. And right now there is a huge stellium of planets in Aquarius passing over her natal 27 Aquarius Rising. Among these are the same Sun-Neptune conjunction along with Mercury, Mars and Chiron. Sun (on stage), Mercury (fine motor coordination), Mars (gross motor coordination) are all related to walking and accidents and remembering lyrics for songs. Neptune and Chiron can account for the memory loss. Well, Aquarius is strongly linked with Divorce as it is so it's just pretty amazing that Aquilera is going through such a mambo transit over her relationship pole during her divorce.

Aquilera should just put everything on hold for a couple of months and go hang out in a luxury vacation spot where she can sing and enjoy herself.

Christina Aquilera
b. Dec. 18, 1980 10:46 am Staten Island, NY

Sun 27 Sagittarius; Moon 15 Taurus; ASC 27 Aquarius; MC 12 Sagittarius; NN 14 Leo

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