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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Planetary Cycles and the San Bruno Gasline Explosion

It's not a surprise that last year's stressful outer planet t-square made between Saturn-Uranus and Pluto could have brought some break-downs in anything having to do with infrastructure. It did bring a lot of fixes as Obama channeled stimulus funds into that area. Roads, plumbing, telecom got fixed. Cyber security was probably studied, but Wikileaks showed where some of the vulnerabilities were.

Article in today's San Francisco Chronicle, Feb. 6, 2011. Article discusses the findings for why the underground gas lines blew up in San Bruno, CA on Sept. 9. It'll be somewhere on the sfgate.com website. I went over there and got distracted.

"PG&E spiked 'highest risk' line: pressure increased on East Bay pipe despite 'high likelihood' of failure." by Eric Nalder and Jaxon an Derbeken.

Inspectors have honed down two most likely reasons for the explosion: Vulnerable welds in the pipes and pressure spikes in the gaslines. They've known all along that the pipes which were installed by a company called A.O. Smith way back when had big problems with this.

The astrology is totally amazing. There was also a huge t-square aspect between Saturn-Uranus and Pluto back in 1930 in Cardinal Signs. Jupiter was also hanging out in the aspect as well. I continually observe about how a natal chart is more vulnerable to transits when the transits mirror the natal aspects. Here we have a great example of that. Everyone knows that an 80 year old pipeline is old and might explode, especially in California where things were built very quickly to accommodate rapid growth.

Making this transit even more vulnerable, connecting the years 1930 with 2010 is the fact that this is a Uranus Return for the pipes. Uranus in Pisces, to be exact. And Pisces rules oil and gas.

PGE intentionally increased pressure (Mars?) on its line on June 19, 2009 on the Fremont-Livermore line 107. I don't know why that has any effect on the lines which run through San Bruno which is on the other side of the Bay from there and is sort of at the mouth of where Lines 109 and 132 split off and run up in to San Francisco. There's some weird talk about how there's a gold course in Pinol that should have been blown off the map with the power surge. I can totally understand how anything associated with Neptune would avoid the golfers, but I have a really bizarre sense of humor.

Line 132 is the one that exploded. But this "long festering issue" on line 107 out in the golf course is to blame, though. The article shows a map. You can see how far apart these are. I guess a fireball started underneath the golf course in Pinol and blasted down through Fremont and towards Milpitas (this is an area which reeks of Asian food pools under the freeway because they built into the Wetlands and the plumbing doesn't drain). Then after the fireball hit Milpitas it switched over to Sunnyvale which also doesn't drain, and then over to Mountain View, which also doesn't drain, and then up through Los Altos and Palo Alto and what's above Palo Alto? They've been working on the plumbing in parts of Palo and Redwood City, so they might occassionally drain. These lines run up along the freeway 280 so they pretty much miss where people live. Wow, that's a bizarre explanation these scientists and engineers have dreamed up. I'm just an Astrology Buff so I can believe pretty much anything, but this Science is really a big mystery. I mean, I get it how some golfer ate too many burritos for lunch thus launching the fireball from the country club bathroom, plus those golfers wear really ugly clothes, not good for Neptune sensibilities at all, but ... well, guess you had to be there. It's Science.

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