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Friday, February 11, 2011

Red Velvet Cake

What is this new food stuff: Red Velvet Cake? I'm seeing it everywhere. It must be all the rage.

I'm sure there's an astrological reason for it, so I thought I'd take a look for some sort of connection. Hmm, let me try to drewl on this. Probably Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto represents Deep Red, and this cake is chocolate with red food coloring. Wikipedia says that this is because it was originally made with beetroot. Who would think to try to out-do chocolate by adding coloring? It's kind of like Pluto can't become "Pluto" enough. That's the Planet of Intensity, Power and Crisis, for you. I suppose it would make more sense to expect to have "Devil's Food Cake" be the ultimate Pluto in Capricorn cake since the Devil is associated with Capricorn in addition to Pluto. But, perhaps that's only when discussing things of a Religious nature and not of a sensual nature.

When talking about Pluto and Capricorn working together, Red Velvet Cake does seem to work better as a Pluto in Capricorn thing. Devil's Food Cake probably already out did itself back when Pluto was in Scorpio and everyone was looking for a sexual release during the beginnings of the AIDS crisis.

The Red Velvet Cake does work well as a sort of elitist thing. In order to truly appreciate the flavor of the Red Velvet Cake, you have to join some sort of secret club, or make more than $200,000/year in order to eat the thing. You've got to have Status or Membership or simply to be weird enough to brag that you just ate a piece of Intensely Red Cake. Maybe I've got it all wrong and Red Velvet refers to foods that Prostitutes prefer. Red Light District Cake? No, that's taking us back to P. in Scorp. Capricorn's more about "just call me Madam." Status, Superiority.

And that's pretty much how it was created. Some chef at the Waldorf Astoria in New York created R.V. Cake for the Hoity Toits. And people wanted to give credit for its creation to Lady Eaton who married a guy who owned a department store up in Canada. She was a Sadge born Nov. 25, 1868 Dayton, Ohio. The Sagittarians do well as muses, they invoke fiery enthusiasm.

This Department Store where Red Velvet Cake became all the rage, during the 40s and 50s after Lady Eaton had passed, went defunct in 1989 - 1992. That's when the big conjunction of Saturn-Uranus-Neptune Capricorn was. The store was called Eaton's. At the same time the cake became more popular in the U.S. through the movie Steel Magnolias which came out in 1989. So there does seem to be some sort of Capricorn transference thing going on here. I am a chocoholic so I totally understand the power of this food.

Either way, I finally had a piece of Red Velvet Cake and thought it was bland as hell. Yeah, there could be some Capricorn in there. That's probably the attraction for Rich Women. If you live in a world where nobody is ever too rich or too thin you pretty prefer that all the food tastes like styrofoam.

Here's description plus a recipe:


I'm pretty sure my piece of cake didn't have the cream cheese frosting. How are we supposed to know these things on the West Coast when we only have a picture to go by?

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