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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day with Tempel 1

Comets seem to have difficult love lives. It's those unpredictable orbs, I guess.

And NASA just can't leave them alone. At least the Comet called Temple 1 has become a stalker target for the space agency.

Back in 2005 as a sort of July 4 celebration another NASA spacecraft called Deep Impact shot a bullet into Temple 1. This created a big dust cloud. I seem to remember watching President Bush get excited about that in an interview on TV. Cowboys need to say "Yee Haw" when stuff like this happens.

At that time, Temple 1 was shaped like a potato. Wonder what he/she/it is now.

Tomorrow, as a sort of Valentine's Day kiss off the NASA spacecraft called Stardust will fly within 125 miles of Temple 1 at a speed of 24,000 mph. What's a little Fly By to Break a Comet's Heart? Geez, I thought we Mars in Leo women attracted bad dates. Love em and leave em, yeah, yeah, I know the drill, always imagined NASA scientists to be more stable than this but how would I know?

Was wondering where Temple 1's Mars is. He/She/It was discovered on Apr. 3, 1867. This gives a tight Sun-Neptune conjunction at 14-15 Aries. That explains her mysterious allure. Also, to be honest, she's probably no stranger to pole dancing herself. This also explains why she threw up such a fluffy cloud of billowing dust to hide in when NASA shot her (I'm assuming she's a she when I shouldn't be, not PC).

Temple's got Venus 1 Pisces which explains her extremely dramatic love life, as well. And, oops, with Mars 21 Cancer, that gives some turbulence on the home front. All the rest of the comets get to just spin around in their weird little orbs, minding their own business, and nobody hounds them.

Turns out that Mars in Cancer really does seem to be the attraction for NASA, astro-wise. When NASA shot Temple 1 back in 2005, the Sun was passing over the comet's natal Mars. Tomorrow, or Feb. 15 maybe?, the Moon will be in conjunction with the placement of Mars when Temple was discovered. There is also a Sun-Neptune conjunction (in Aquarius) which mirrors the original Sun-Neptune conjunction. This promises to be a very Romantic Interlude of missed connections and unrequited love for the Comet.


Temple 1 Discovered
Apr. 3, 1867 Marseille, France

Sun 14 Aries; Moon Pisces/Aries; NN 23 Virgo

Temple 1 Shot
July 4, 2005 5:52 UTC (1:52 EDT)

Sun 13 Cancer; Moon 18 Gemini; NN 19 Aries (c. Mars) how's that for an assassination attempt, Mars c. NN right over Sun of natal chart.

Temple 1 Valentine's Kiss and Run
Feb. 15, 2011 4:42 (UTC)

Sun 27 Aquarius; Moon Cancer; NN 30 Sagittarius

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