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Friday, February 04, 2011

Googling Without Google

Informative show on Coast to Coast radio show last night about ways to achieve the difficult task of using the Google search engine without being traced and controlled by Google.

George Noori interviewed Katherine Albrecht about consumer privacy on the Internet. Apparently Google keeps keywords from all its gmails messages.  That's creepy. Revenge of the nerds.

Anyways, haven't tried it yet, but Ms. Albrecht says that when on the Internet at hotspots such as a Bookstore or a Starbucks, one types in a special URL:

One types "https" instead of "http." I'm not sure how that works, but am just making a note of it.  Hackers won't be able to get your passwords.

Also, one can start using a European privacy search engine which uses Google but doesn't keep track of cookies or whatever is used to gain information. It's called startingpage.com.

Here's the link put in with an s on the http address.


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