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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gang Stalking Video

Interesting Video on Gang Stalking with John Quinones and produced by Eric M. Strauss.

A man in a leather jacket stands outside a supermarket and asks strangers walking by to commit illegal acts on a woman who is standing inside with a baby in a stroller. When people question his authority he flashes a badge which he has bought online. Only 1 out of 22 people doesn't do what he says and that person ends up helping him to steal the woman's baby anyway. People steal the woman's wallet, place what they think is a drug into her drink, steal her baby. It's really amazing.

Interesting what a Neptunian crime this is. The man gets them to commit the illegal acts by appealing to their empathy. All he has to do is to tell them that the woman has stolen the baby.

Imagine how much damage a real police officer could do if he decided to hurt someone.



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