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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Viral Video about U.S. Economy Tanking


This is a big advertisement which educates about hyperinflation and what could happen during a panic when the U.S. Dollar loses status as Global Currency leader. That would line up pretty well with the earth lining up with the Galactic Center. We have to stop printing currency in order to bail ourselves out. Just hope to Hell the Obama administration will get get cooperation with other countries to be involved in making the new currency.

Suggestions at the end of the video: You have to sign up to receive free pamphlets to learn 4 investments that you can legally make without the U.S. Government knowing what you're doing. Invest in Silver at this point. Supposed to be the best hedge against the crisis. The 3d and 4th weren't really explained. The guy never says what his name is, so, you know the drill, a sucker is born every minute.

I thought it was much scarier to hear my Magic Federal Reserve Chairman Boyfriend say that the employment picture isn't going to get up to speed for another 10 years. Now clothing prices will go up 10 percent, because China is raising its wages. Go ahead and pay the 10 percent, that's a good thing. Go see what happens to servant Chinese laborers in the movie Biutiful. Nobody ever mentions the California situation. We have 10 million illegal aliens who don't have responsibility for anyone or anything. They actually have a lower unemployment rate and longer lifespan than citizens. Immigrants used to be either talented, or running from bad situations and so were either wonderful to have around or grateful. These folks are just the family members that the old immigrants were running from. Well, actually one set of immigrants has always been a problem, but they are here in huge numbers now. Who needs a financial depression. If I didn't think it was already there I would suggest just dumping a bunch of lithium in the public water supply. I've been accosted twice in the last week and my car is vandalized weekly. The stuff that the guy in the video says about major chaos happening in urban areas couldn't be more on target.

Suggestion: Currency called "Bancor," Apr. 13, 2010. Wow, isn't this the date that the comet is supposed to hit the earth in 2036 or something. And there was some other story that cropped up around this date, can't remember what it was.

Go to the Bank and get about $100 in pennies and bury them for about 10 years. For some reason I keep thinking that's the best poor man's investment right now. And I don't have a clue why so if you actually do it you're probably doing something really stupid. But, there, I said it anyway.

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