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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Christchurch Earthquakes

Christchurch, New Zealand has suffered two serious earthquakes in the past 6 months. It looks like this place, known as the "Gateway to the Antarctic," is vulnerable to the Virgo/Pisces Axis. The first earthquake, 7.0, occurred last September when the Sun was at 12 Virgo. Today's earthquake logs Sun at 3 Pisces. Christchurch's Solar Arc Sun is at 14 Virgo, SA Uranus is at 25 Virgo. I found that interesting correlation with successive Solar Arc charts and earthquakes while studying the Parkfield earthquake series back whenever that was.

Christchurch's Nodal Axis is at a major Cardinal Point at 1 Libra (NN)-Aries (SN). I personally look for strong Cardinal sign tensions in earthquakes and this Axis has been going through major outer planet t-square transit of Saturn-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto over the past year. Jupiter and Uranus have been passing together over this spot for almost a year at this point. And the Sun-Mars conjunction passing over Pluto-NN, Uranus and then Neptune-Chiron has been a pretty trigger happy set of transits.

Today's earthquake, an aftershock to September's quake, happened right in the middle of lunch hour with the Sun at 3 Pisces. This is one reason why it's done more damage. Also, it was a shallow earthquake which rattles things up more. The Christchurch cathedral has suffered major damage, which perhaps explains the strong Jupiter (Religion) and Neptune (Spiritual) transits of this earthquake.

First off, Christchurch is going through it's Neptune Return. Natal Neptune is a 2 Pisces. That's just for beginners. Pluto is in conjunction with the North Node right now so when doubled up with any other significant transit could bring some problems. And today's earthquake Pluto is exactly squaring earthquake (transiting) Jupiter. This Jupiter is conjunct Christchurch's natal Sun to the degree and is squaring natal Jupiter 12 Cancer.

Current reports say that there are about 65 dead and 100 unnaccounted for. I send my best thoughts to the suffering right now.

New Zealand Earthquake 7.0
Sept. 4, 2010 4:35 am (LT); (Sept. 3, 2010 16:35 UTC)

Sun 12 Virgo; ASC 20 Cancer; Moon 6 Cancer; MC 17 Taurus; NN

I wasted a bunch of time fiddling to see how the Eclipses might have contributed but my computer is set to calculate everything for New York time. There's a chance that the Sun-Moon conjunction of the July 10-11, 2010 Eclipse is conjunct the ASC of the September earthquake.

New Zealand Earthquake 6.3, Aftershock of Sept. 4, 2010 earthquake
Feb. 22, 2011 12:51 pm Lyttelton, New Zealand

Sun 3 Pisces (H10); Moon 25 Libra (H6); ASC 10 Taurus; MC 20 Aquarius; NN 30 Sagittarius (H10)

I suppose an earthquake which is considered an aftershock has different astrological indicators which will fine tune the charts. Don't have a clue what they would be.
--The Venus ruled Moon and Chart might be one.
--It looks like the IC/MC Taurus Axis is now the ASC/DESC Axis. That would make a lot of sense in Astro terms.

Christchurch, New Zealand given its name:

Mar. 27, 1848 Christchurch, New Zealand

Sun 7 Aries; Moon Sagittarius or Capricorn; NN 1 Libra

Jupiter 13 Cancer; Saturn 19 Pisces; Uranus 18 Aries; Neptune 2 Pisces; Pluto 26 Aries

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