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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Jonathan saffron foer's childhood

Hi. I'm ting on an iPad. I with the spell check. So. Boohoo. This post will be even more unreadable than the others.

Jonathan saffron fore is a wunderkind novelist. I've never read anything he's written but always wanted to. Pluto in Sagittarius made my reading list so long I'll never catch up.

Heard foer's younger brother interviewed on NPR in the car, driving. I was driving. NPR was in the radio. I can't go back and edit. Takes forever for iPad to catch on which word I'm pointing at,bad circulation and cold fingers.

Turns out the are 3 boys in the fore familyand they're all geniuses. Wikipedia says something about fore which shows really interesting planetary cycle development in childhood so that's what I'm trying to explain here. Too bad my mother didn't procreate with the fore oys'father or grandfather, I could write better.

Jonathan safran fore
Spellcheck keeps misspelling his name, not me necessarily but that's good because he can't find this when he googles himself. I'm safely hidden in the silicon valley cloud except for the gang staplers who read all ,y crap because they're freaks.

Born feb. 21, 1977
Sun 3pisces, moon Aries, nn 26 libra

Isn't that weird how spell check knows to capitalize Aries but not libra?

Fore had a freak accident in the chemistry lab when he was 8. He said he was messed up for 3 years after that. This is described perfectly by his astrology chart and the child development phases as described by the planetary return cycles of childhood. 8year olds are mostly under the influence of Saturn because this is roughly the time of the first square that Saturn makes to it's natal spot. Satrun rules father, discipline, etc. It also hacve trouble dealing with failure. It also represents empirical science. Fore's natal Saturn is at 12 Leo. It's a very strongly placed planet in his chart. You can sort of sense that fore gets performance anxiety but is also very driven to succeed. Since he has natal sun in Pisces inspected to other planets y,ou can sort of also sense that a hit from Saturn would constantly pull him towards Leo style self expression. Saturn I. This chart is involved in a lot of major aspects, t-square with Uranus and mars. Grand trine with neptune-Venus-maybe moon which also turns into a house configuration with more planets, merc and mars, and with apex Neptune in Sagittarius. So his first Saturn square set off all those lights.

Physically Saturn rules the bonesand skin. Boundaries. The wiki articles says, and this won't be a dire t quote: for 3years "he wanted nothing except to be outside his own skin.". How's that for describing a difficult reaction to a satrun grant trine, especially with Neptune and Venus and maybe moon?

He spent the next 3years in some sort of turmoil and was then released. Interesting that 3years later he would have been going through his first Jupiter return. This is the first outer planet retrun and symbolizes end of childhood. Like his sun, fore's Jupiter is inspected so it doesn't flow with the rest of the planets. It's at 24 Taurus. Jupiter rules higher learning, opinions. It's connected with publishing and writing. Taurus is connected with writing as it rules the development of the alphabet, historically.

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