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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rape dba Virginity Tests

Wow. It looked like Egypt was really going to enter the 21st Century. But, uh, we forgot about the men.

News reports now say that some women who tried to take part in the "Egypt Spring" were tortured by the police. In Egypt this means apparently that they were electrocuted and raped via "medical virginity test" to affirm that they were not "raped by the military." First they were stripped, while men watched. Then they were beaten and called prostitutes, by men. Then some were electrocuted and called prostitutes. Then they were taken into a room and a man in a white coat did a virginity exam on them, while men watched and took photos.

The Arabs didn't invent Logic. I don't know who did. I don't have much of it myself. But, hey, I know that the tech industry is extremely chauvinistic. So, when they yahoo'd themselves all over the media about how the collective conscious Internet stuff has saved the world of course they forgot to mention what it's still going to be like for women. Still same old, same old for the gals.

So, anyway, what's a good day for having an exam for forced medical examination of your uterus?

PigMen Raping Women Through Virginity Test.
March 9, 2011 Cairo, Egypt

Sun 19 Pisces; Moon Aries or Taurus; NN 29 Sagittarius

Virgins are ruled by the sign of Virgo in the astrology. There's no Virgo in this chart. But 4 planets plus Chiron (Wounded Healer) and Lilith (equal rights ex-wife) are in the opposite sign of Pisces: Chiron 2 Pisces; Mars 12 Pisces; Sun 19 Pisces; Lilith 29 Pisces; Mercury 30 Pisces; Uranus 30 Pisces. Interesting that Neptune was still in Aquarius, he wasn't in his own sign, perhaps that is why we even get to hear about this atrocity at this point.

Mercury, ruler of Virgo is in conjunction with Lilith and Uranus at 29-30 Pisces and this is squaring the Nodal Axis last degrees of Sagittarius/Gemini. Virgo is the empty leg of this t-square, and, yes, the Examiner in the White Coat says he did not find a single Virgin. Of course, with Mercury in Pisces he's most likely a lying son of a bitch, but who cares, he's a man. And Virgo is the sign related to genuine Medical Examinations which was absent from the event. This was torture.

Wow, this is amazing. I didn't even notice Venus' placement while looking at the chart. Going back I notice that she was at 10 Aquarius. She'd have been sextile Jupiter and possibly squaring the Moon (don't have a time so don't have an exact placement for the Moon). Venus in Aquarius would be involved in Rebellions. And it's a good placement for events in which women are elecrocuted for participating in big group events. I'm not sure if the typical rape indicators involving Pluto are here. I didn't look at the centaurs.

What we do know is that if any of the women involved were virgins, well, then, they're not now.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take all of this with a grain of salt. The Arab Spring turned out to be nothing more than CIA trickery staged for the purposes of destabilizing the Middle East and justifying invasions. Google Wesley/Ramsey Clark on that.
I live in NYC. There's a large Arab population in my neighborhood and these chicks are TOUGH. They are not shrinking violets or pitiful victims. Even the young girls who have recently immigrated have a certain fire. When the whole Arab Spring debacle began, they were not waving flags or participating in the hype---they knew better.
Just as noone who knew what (came to be proved to be) the reality of life in Libya was participated in the calls for NATO to bomb that country into rubble and "secure" its oil. Go on youtube and look at a video called "Libyan girl's message" I forget the rest. In the video, she let's you know without an ounce of fcuk given what the Libyan people think of NATO, Obamba and Sarkozy and the horses they rode in on. There's also a video of Libyan women holding a summit where they said "These are our brothers, our fathers, our sons, why should they rape us? These are lies, they want our oil!" When the (soon disproved) lies that the military (cracked out on Viagra) was performing forced penis insertions at the behest of Khaddafi.
Take all of the western media accounts about the horrors of life in other places (with oil, gold, materials needed to make drugs, wood, minerals, water and not one damned McDonalds?!) with a HUGE grain of salt.

6:27 AM  

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