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Monday, April 25, 2011

The Opening Spigot Bell

Computer Program is permanently on the blink. It's pretty funny. I can't set up charts for 9:30 am. Just got the urge to look at today's Opening Bell Chart. My Magic Federal Reserve Chairman Boyfriend Ben Bernanke says he's searching for the next step. The Federal Reserve is going to begin closing the big credit spigots called QE and QE2. I don't know what the hell those are the way nobody ever really knows what 8th things are. Just Big and Scary and Shakes Chains in the Middle of the Night.

Opening Bell
April 25, 2011 9:30 am

Sun 6 Taurus; Moon 11 Aquarius; ASC 4 Cancer; MC 11 Pisces; NN 25 Sagittarius

Uh oh, that North Node is on the Galactic Center. I guess this is why SETI also announced that they are shutting down Jodie Foster's radio dishes due to lack of funds.

This chart has kind of a cowboy ride em pony type of thing going on with the planets. 5 planets in Aries hanging out on the 11th house cusp. Kind of a free spirit attitude.

Pluto in Capricorn is conjunct the Descendant like right out of a Ingmar Bergman movie. It's trining the Taurus Sun up in the 11th House which means that the Bankers (Taurus) are trying to invent some sort of QE3, whatever the hell that will be.

The rest of the water looks like it's still got plenty of cups running over. The Moon rules both the 1st and 2d houses, Neptune is elevated and up at the top of the chart. Pluto is conjunct the Descendant.

Then there's the environment of the chart which is related to issues around conservative behaviors and control and compensating for lack of confidence, but much needed restriction. The Moon rules the chart and also rules the 2d house of money. The bankers are feeling picked on and they're clingy and needy and will never get enough cash.

Saturn rules the 8th House of Credit, Debt and Bankruptcy. The Moon is trining Saturn in this chart so somebody's working well with somebody at least (although I don't know who is whom). At any rate, if the Government (Saturn) is going bankrupt, then aren't we all? Saturn is constricting. The fun is over. We can't think of any answer for a QE3. Well, except for Neptune which is in its own sign up in the 9th House which adds a little whimsey. (Too bad about the conjunction to Chiron.)

At any rate Neptune will be in Pisces until 2024-5 and will play a big role in the social orders, or lack thereof. This is equivalent to the mid-1850s and represents a really creative time in French Art. I don't know what the rest of the world was doing at that time, probably fighting and dropping into poverty and being taken over by oppressive regimes who institutionalized their ways of thinking. The more of a zombie you are the better this transit will be for you.

What's scary is that Saturn and Pluto are within orb of a square to each other and they're going to be that way over the Summer. So that's said to bring some loss. You're supposed to throw something out. Actually, a ruthless person will likely come along and take it off your hands without asking pretty please. It's sort of feeding the Neptune energy to the dogs right off the bat. So the price of Gold and the threat of China's currency. We ought to flirt with China. Make them smile and then compliment their dimples. If we're smart we'll set all the Muslims up in a big greedy corporation of their own and then send them over to China. China is a Libra, and I promise you, nothing but nothing, could disturb a Libra's aesthetic sense more than to have women walking around in those scary black robes and smiling at you like nothing's wrong.

And as with all Saturn-Pluto transits, there will be angry mobs and mass panics, Gold will soar, and all our teeth will fall out.

The End.



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