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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Earth Water Air Adrenaline

Matthias Giraud and his friend films a death defying ski run down a hill while filming with his helmet. Video has gone viral.


Giraud's birth date is listed on his website. I wanted to check the chart for a person who never feels vertigo:

Matthias Giraud
b. Sept. 24, 1983 Is he from France?

Sun 1 Libra; Moon Aries or Taurus; NN 20 Gemini

The title of this post is from one of the videos on Giraud's website: matthiasgiraud.com. Giraud lists the elements and replaces "fire" for "adrenaline." You look at his chart and you know why. He's possibly got a Fire Grand Trine in his chart which branches out into a Kite Shape with apex Saturn-Pltuo. (I don't know because it all depends on the placement of the Moon in Giraud's chart and I don't have a birth time or place.)

Watch the video and you'll see things from a Kite's perspective, that's for sure.

At noontime the Moon is placed at around 26 Aries. It is trining an conjunction of Venus-Mars at 25-27 Leo on one side and Jupiter-Uranus both at 6 Sagittarius on the other side. It would also be opposing a conjunction of Saturn 3 Virgo/Pluto 29 Libra. I think that's the Vertigo element since Alfred Hitchcock had a strong Saturn-Pluto aspect in his chart.

Oh, and for Chart Shape enthusiasts -- I think it's a whole lot of fun that Giraud's got a "Sling Shaped chart." All the planets are held within the Venus-Mars trine to Jupiter-Uranus except for the Moon which is hanging out by itself either in Aries or Taurus.


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