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Monday, April 25, 2011

Where O Where Is Hillary Clinton?

News reports say that Hillary Clinton has gone missing. Her schedule is completely blank for the next 3 days. Where is she? Is she hiking the Appalachian Trail? Bad Botox treatment? Is Bill okay? Is Chelsea okay? She didn't have a stroke did she? (Nah, that wouldn't stop Hillary)


WHERE'S HILLARY????????? She helped the entire Middle East to rebel and now she's gone.

Well, we have a problem with reading Hillary's chart and that's that we don't know what time she was born. If at 8 bells am she's got Scorpio Rising, 23 degrees. If at 8 bells pm she's got Gemini Rising, last degree. We don't know. With Scorpio Sun and Pisces Moon all we know is that when Hillary needs privacy, she really needs privacy so we should give it to her.

But, aren't you curious? What the hell is going on?

What I hope is that with transiting Neptune at 1 Pisces squaring her natal Jupiter at 1 Sadge. Maybe she hooked a ride on the space shuttle. Maybe she just suddenly said "Whoopee I'm Alive and I'm going to take a vacation! Fuck you all!!!

I'm even trying to imagine what she would look like descending from Air Force 1 at Obama's side while flipping the birdie, Secretary of State that she is. Yeah!! We're the Free World and at least we try to rise above corruption. It can't last with all the corrupt world streaming in through the hotel and media industry right now, service industries that help you by stealing your information and holding it against you, America doesn't have an official industry anymore, the Dollar is losing to the Yen. Wow, Zoom me up!"

So, maybe she'll tell us when she gets back. Maybe not. I'm so curious. Sure hope she's having fun.



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