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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

3 eclipses in a row

Eclipse at around 11 Gemini today. There will be another on June 15 at somewhere around 24 Gemini Sagittarius. Then there will be another one at early cancer in July. Sorry I don't have the exact information. The newsletters I've received that are written by astrologers are better than usual even. That's maybe the beneficial side of the Gemini Sagittarius. Would like to link to them but don't really want to send any weirdos over there in case some anti-socials are reading this. Gemini rules contagiousness, disease. So you always have to wash your hands really well. Don-t use anti-bacterial soaps though because that goes down the drain and kills the nice fishes. Just open all doors with your non-dominant hand, keep you pockets empty, and figure out how to use spell check on your iPad or you will go insane.

Keep your car maintained. If you really want to destroy a person spread gossip about them. Maybe a bunch of announcements. Yesterday a bunch of scientists announced that cell phones create cauliflowers in your brain. How appropriate. In California the police are allowed to go through your cell phone without a warrant. Can't tell you what a relief that has brought for me due to the gang stalking thing. I've sort of collapsed me life though because of the stress so we'll see. I should write an essay about legal tortures that people from 3dworld countries use. I know more about illegal immigration at this point than the INS. Fortunately for all involved nothing I say is ever believable. Must've the Gemini rising. Fucking apple spell check. Sorry Steve jobs, love ya babe. I bought this thing to draw on anyway. There is no spell check in the art world.

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