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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Empty Leg of the T-Square: Cancer

Environmental Working Group says that the single most important piece of legislation that will be battled over in the next 18 months is "The Food Bill." This has to do with how screwed up farming is at this point.

Read about it here: http://www.ewg.org/agmag/farm-bill-take-action/?utm_source=foodweek2&utm_medium=email&utm_content=second-link&utm_campaign=farm

Saturn in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries and squaring Pluto in Capricorn can focus an incredible amount of energy toward the common goal that the empty leg of this t-square presents. That's anything connected with the sign of Cancer.

So, first of all, go call your Mom. She loves you. She drives you nuts. She's nuts. She's needy. But, when they're gone, they're really really gone. And Cancer has the longest, saddest memory in the whole wide world. Think of it as Emotion Insurance for the future. And tell her you only have 15 minutes.

Then there's more. I wonder if everything Cancerian is a little screwed up right now. In terms of Internet, I think we have too much memory. Maybe not, but just think about it. Every turd that you put on the Internet will be saved forever. Or at least until some hacker comes along and erases it or steals it or uses it to blackmail you.

Bob Marks says the way to handle a Saturn-Pluto transit is to throw things out. And he's right. So, don't throw your Mother out. Put limits on the call. You can do it. It's called management. Remember? Saturn needs limits. Your Father also needs a call. I'm talking to folks who grew up in Divorce because we're a completely ignored crowd of folks and we have Mom and Dad and not necessarily in that order and definitely not living in connection with each other and certainly not in harmony.

Cancer equals Home, Land, Real Estate, Food, Taking Care of What We have, Loving it unconditionally (the Pluto in Virgo generation can only do that to its household pets, by the way).

Cancer also represents The Public. The Common Man. Time to dig out some old Courbets and Millets and read Zola. The French in the 19th Century were really in to this. Now they are struggling with the immigrants. That's what happens when you've figured everything out. The neighbors show up and want a cut. And they don't feel obligated to be nice because they want to be themselves and they are: The Common Man.

Anyway, be the Public and sign the petition as The Common Man yourself. Actually the immigrants resent anyone taking over that role so Good Luck with that.

What else does Cancer represent? Oh yeah, silliness and the crazies. Giggle. Go whacko. Spill your milk out your nostrils, that looks funny in old people too. Don't tell everyone you're too sophisticated for Jerry Lewis movies, for Christ's Sakes, he's a God send for this type of transit.

Oh yeah, and little babies. Googie googie goo. I don't know what you do for little babies right now. Have you noticed these Pluto in Capricorns? They are born looking really really smart and competent. They look good wearing grey and black. They also look a little dehydrated. They're not noisy like the P in Sagittarians.

And Ken Cook at Environmental Working Group. He's awesome. He's probably not a Cancer though. All these awesome not for profit Pluto in Leos never give their birth dates. What a drag.

Anyway, sign the EWG's petition, send them some money. Non organic food at this point has only slightly more nutritional value than McDonald's.

By the time they sign the bill I guess that Saturn will be in Scorpio. With Pluto in Capricorn? I wonder if any babies will be born during those years at all? Maybe only Corporate Exec's.

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