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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

World on fire

Well, last week the scientists said that earth is due to get blasted by some solar flare activity which would blast the crap out of our electronics. And, boy, a little black out would be just what to dr. Ordered at this point.

Kids in England are rioting and burning the country down.

The US suffered a huge military loss in afghanistan when a helicopter full of navy seals was shot down.

And standard & poors has downgraded the U.S. Credit score a notch which has made a huge dent in the U.S. Reputation (Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, saturn's sign) and looks to a step forward for China and East India to either remove the dollar as form of international exchange or to create a universal form of exchange. I suspect it won't be real clear which is the real motive. Yoga, gang stalking, and malware. Now the lowering of the reputation. A french guy once said 'vilify, vilify, some of it will stick.". He was right. I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.

With Saturn in libra we're getting a big lesson in how diplomacy doesn't really work real well for all involved. Saturn has been squaring the u.s. Sun -Venus-Jupiter. It just means that those with nothing to lose sneak in under the carpets, usually they're quiet and polite, and they can always go back to their real homes if things get bad.

And mars is in cancer out of bounds and opposing Pluto. That's great weather for sabotage.

With Pluto in Capricorn



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. Transiting Saturn squaring the US's Pluto is something to think about, especially since so many of the real heavyweights shaping the US's foreign and domestic policy, H. Kissinger et al, with their natal Pluto in Cancer are having the world's first observable Pluto opposition Pluto. Right now, doubly squared by Saturn in Libra...
A lot of the old-world partnerships are under severe strain and facing opposition the likes of which they've never seen before.
While Pluto is in Capricorn, I think whatever's going on with Saturn is key in understanding how the energy of Pluto is working.
We are seeing so many breakups, divorces and public relations FAIL!s because Saturn has put a certain muzzle on Libra's schmoozing. Saturn calls for a realness and basis in fact that is at odds with "diplomacy" (aka bullshitting, running game, blowing smoke up another's ass, pulling the wool over their eyes, hittin' 'em with the one and two, etc) and all of the other tricks that Libra uses to dominate the social sphere. What's happening to the US on the world stage is a function of this,imo.
We have become a world of hardened realists. Think about it. What present day celebrity is allowed the cloak of stardust that made Prince, Madonna, Cher, Liberace, etc seem surreal and superhuman? Even Beyonce, who probably comes the closest, is a mere mortal and in the eyes of many, even more deeply flawed than the rest of us. People expressed their doubts about whether she was really even pregnant and hadn't used a surrogate to carry the baby, out loud and in public, in the national media.
Look at politics. When Osama Bin Laden was reported killed, out loud and in public, people said flat-out that the govt was lying and he had been dead for some time. Nowadays, would you be surprised to hear anyone say "End the Fed!"? Or that the President is just a figurehead and this country is really run by the illuminati or the freemasons or the hidden hand of some uber-rich family that has been running things for centuries?
All of the facades are crumbling.
Internationally, all of the wars and destruction based on lies have annihilated the US's credibility.
We are going to see major upheaval when Saturn goes into Scorpio later this year. It won't be constrained by coy mannerisms and the niceties of Libra either. Scorpio is a dark, forceful energy that has to get to the bottom of things and loves to make people pay. Saturn is going to restrain the deceitful, sneaky, hidden malice that has caused so much grief in the world while exacting a price from the wicked. God, that sounds church-y.
And don't get me wrong: I absolutely love my country, through the intellectual, objective lens of my Venus in Aquarius. I would never join the military to go abroad and kill other people on its behalf but if an invader stepped foot in this country, I would chase them to the water filling their asses with lead. Love of the country is not what's at issue here. Its peeling back some of the layers of propoganda and showbiz to analyze what's really going on to understand what the stars are saying to us.

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