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Monday, August 01, 2011

Within Vesta's Orb

Back in 2007 NASA launched a rover-gizmo on an 8 year mission to fly up to Vesta to check out how the Hearth and Home are doing. Vesta rules the Hearth and Home for those of us who believe in astroblab. She is the only asteroid that can be seen with the naked human eye. We're not going to land on Vesta, just doing a drive by and then moving on to Ceres and then probably junking the craft so it will hit an Alien in the head someday.

At the time of the launch, Vesta was in Sagittarius wedged between Jupiter and Pluto in that sign. That sounds like a very modernistic aspect, like a club that wouldn't invite me to be its member, actually.

launch Sept. 27, 2007 11:34 UTC Cape Canaveral, Florida

Sun 4 Libra; Moon 14 Aries; ASC 8 Libra; MC 9 Cancer; NN 7 Pisces

Vesta was launched on a Full Moon which was just rising over the ASC/DES axis.

The Outer Planets are currently hitting the most important parts of the chart for this launch. Actually, they are hitting the angles of the chart: Saturn 11 Libra conjunct Ascendant, Pluto conjunct IC; Uranus conjunct DESC in Aries. There's even close to a Mars Return in Gemini up in House 9. The Neptune-Chiron conjunction is very close to the North Node of the Launch chart.

Maybe I pulled up the wrong chart, who knows? The Sun is also in conjunction with the ASC for this chart as well, just a few hours past the Full Moon.

Dawn enters Vesta's orbit: 7/16/2011 about 5:00 UTC

Sun 24 Cancer; Moon 5 Aquarius; ASC 22 Cancer; MC 24 Pisces; NN 22 Sagittarius

An average Vesta Return is 3.63 years. This 8-year mission is about 2 Vesta Cycles.

Bill Meridian found a connection between Financial Market swings and the 4 year Mars-Vesta cycle: http://www.billmeridian.com/articles-files/marsvesta.htm. Can't keep the home fires burning if you can't pay for the logs and the Gas Company Bill.

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