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Monday, August 01, 2011

Mars in Cancer, You Can't Squeeze Blood Out of a Turnip

Just yesterday I was thinking that I've got to check when Mars will move into Cancer. I tend to have eyesight problems at that time -- among other things. So, this ingress promises to be a real shit because Mars is already kind of a drag when in the sign of Cancer. This is the Summer that many people will remember their divorce or their parents' divorce. The little Capricorn kids will be super power trippy and sabotagy. Even the little late Sagittarians whose Suns are progressing into Capricorn will get in on this act.

So on August 2 or 3, that's either tomorrow or the next day Mars will be in a Grand Square with all the planets that it tends to get into trouble with most easily. Mars opposite Pluto (Power) 6 Capricorn and squaring Moon (Reactive) in Libra opposite Uranus (Rebellious) 5 Aries.

The Moon will hit Saturn at 13 Libra just afterwards and Mercury will be stationing Rx so someone is going to hit the brakes but everyone else is probably going to go through the windshield. I guess I could write about the Debt Crisis Bell which is the time when the U.S. Credit Rating goes down. Or I could call it the Bigot Bell, although I'm not sure which side is most bigoted because if you've ever been gang stalked by Mexican, East Indian and Chinese Immigrants you get really confused about these things.

Or I could call it the Playing Chicken Bell.

Maybe the Liberty Bell was made during one of these transits. That's why the Liberty Bell is cracked. And that's why they hung it anyway. A little Wabi Sabi in the Political Arena, either that or the Bell maker moved out to California right after. Okay, I can't turn this into a good story.

President Obama needs to hang out in the basement bunker for a while. He has a Solar Return in there somewhere. Hopefully, they will give him a cake with the kinds of candles that don't blow out and it will just take him an extra long time to figure out that that's the problem. And then everyone will laugh and it will be all over.

So, the potential for accidents is pretty strong in the next couple of days. And some of the accidents won't be accidents. Lots of people are getting divorces right now.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, so THAT's what's been going on.

Sheesh, I've been getting pelted with hostility on political message boards. Got some funny stories I could tell, but basically, I think because I'm OLD, I've developed a way of dealing with this stuff. When I'm getting deluged with irrational, illogical argument (and in this case we're talking far right types and Evangelicals), I just get like Mr. Spock and respond dispassionately, with maybe a little Pluto deconstruction.

EX: I have not claimed to know more than ANYONE about homosexuality, let alone that cavalcade of saints you've listed.


EX2: Incest is a crime, so sure, if the President wanted to publicly denounce it, that would be okay with me.

Anyway, this type of response seems to cause the emotional person to calm down, plus for some reason it strikes me as funny to "go Spock" so I have a great time.

2nd day in a row now. At least now I understand the "why".

So thanks, OTCA


4:03 PM  

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