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Friday, August 05, 2011

Look Ma, No Hands!

No one's behind the wheel at Google and they're bragging about it. For a year they've been sending cars out into the neighborhood to fend for themselves without human intervention. And there hasn't been a single accident until this week when one of their self driven Priuses rear ended another Prius.

I need to write to the insurance company to tell them that with the current line up of planets, namely Mercury (cars) going Rx at 1 Virgo and Mars (bumper cars) at 1 Cancer opposing Pluto you sort of have to expect a little kissy kissy between bumpers. (Actually the kissy kissy part is going to come from Sun conjunct Venus in Leo). At any rate it's a good bunch of aspects for making what Google calls "Automotive History."

Wow this takes the idea of No Fault Insurance to a new level. With Saturn in Libra I'm sure the lawyers are considering this argument.

Google says that a real person was at the wheel and that's why the Prius bashed into the Prius in front of it. You know those computer geeks. They've been letting their cars drive them around for years as it is.

Personally, I suspect that it was just a little love making situation between automobiles. Well...if you want the car to drive on its own you have to expect that it will have it's own feelings as well, don't you?

With this latest update I guess that 4 cars were involved so maybe the person driving the Googlemobile should have googled the speed limit.


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