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Monday, July 11, 2011

The Way That Neptune Works

Hope the link for this video works. It's a video of a baby playing with a lion at a zoo. There is nothing but a plate of glass between them. Otherwise the child would be toast.

Obviously the child has no Saturn/Fear issues in his chart. I assume that the parents were the people who were photographing the incident. Also ruled by Neptune. I've never really been able to understand the psychological leap that occurs between Pisces and Aries, but perhaps this describes it. The impulsiveness of Aries has the ability to forge ahead and go where no man has gone before. It also is responsible for why folks end up in jail.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, OTCA...I wasn't able to access the link (it got me to CBS's video page but new vids had been posted). It probably worked on Monday and it's my bad timing to have happened on your post almost a week later.

Bad timing--one of the manifests of having Mercury c. SN. LOL.

Anyway, your observations reminded me of a couple of things. One, the scene you describe sounds like it could be used to illustrate the Strength card in a tarot deck. There are a few decks that use the imagery of a woman and a lion as well.

It also reminds me of something I'd heard a while back--that there is a difference between having strength and having courage. It left a lasting impression because it caused me to realize that while I do have the strength to withstand quite a bit, I don't have much courage at all. Could be from having Mars in the 7th house, square Saturn/Neptune.

By definition, strength has to be a re-active quality (the person demonstrating it is reacting to a burden or challenge of some kind, whether it be physical or mental/emotional). The 7th house indicates how we react to "the other".

JMO one thing an Aries/Pisces (or Mars/Neptune) combo may be good for might be a career in criminal prosecution, because in one sense prosecutors are the aggressors (they initiate the charge). But in another sense, they're defending and protecting the rights of victims.

end of blahblahblah.

okay, I have an off-topic question.
as you know our birthdays are this week. my husband wants to buy me astrology software. I've always used freeware and never really paid much attention to what's out there. you have a pretty good grasp of my ability level (still a beginner, with some intermediate knowledge)--what software would be a good fit for me?

and btw, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! have you looked at your SR yet? I haven't looked too closely at mine--the past few have been abysmal and it shows.


5:42 AM  
Blogger Out The Comet's Ass said...

Hi kaylin, thanks for the interesting insights. Sorry the link isn't working. It was a video of an exhibit at a zoo where the lions and the people can walk right up to a glass partition. Somebody took a video of a little toddler grabbing at the lions and on the other side the lions were nuzzling the glass with all teeth showing.

Interesting the comments about the difference between strength and courage. I sort of wonder if your strength isn't from the cancer sun as well as all the 7 th house planets. Courage definitely seems like a Leo thing. I like the strength card. My tarot card teacher said the woman represented taming spirit which can coax the lion to open it's mouth but not to bite. A very good quality to have. Maybe strength is a spiritual version of courage?

Happy solar return to you. How nice you're getting an astrology program. I have solar fire. It'sdifficult to learn how to use So I recommend getting the DVD instruction. I don't know about the others because I haven't looked at any in a while. I like alphee lavoie's program. Definitely get the animated wheel feature. Solar fire is cool because you. Can get all the upgrades for pretty cheap. There's a problem with not being able to store the charts on your computer, you have to store them on their database.

Hope you have great day. Hope to catch up with you on what's been going on. I definitely have gone through some bad stuff. My step mother died at least but I think she is even more evil as a dead person.

8:45 PM  

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