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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Such a Stimulating Bell

I did not remember that there is an opposition between Venus and Pluto going on right now, that's the truth. But, I did look at today's Opening Bell Chart intending on gaining an understanding of why Ben Bernanke looks so sexy when he's promising to bolster the economy with more Stimulus.

I'll write that again: Stimulus. Venus in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn. Stimulus.

Today's news had a big nice picture of My Magic Federal Reserve Chairman boyfriend Ben Bernanke. He's so photogenic. Must be the Pisces Moon. Ben was saying the Federal Reserve is ready to bolster the economy with 3 different plans if the Budget poo in Congress can't be resolved. He mentioned 3 solutions but I only remember the word Stimulus. I don't think I have a single hormone left in my body.

It helps that the Stock Market rose 100 points after Ben said that. Venus likes a guy with deep pockets.

Uranus is in H8. Surprise Surprise. The Sun is unaspected up in the 11th House of Hopes, Wishes, and Surprise, the show must go on. Group Sex if you will. We all get to see the photo of Ben all at once. Hold on to your Optimism America. Greece, the Birth Place of Democracy is in Bankruptcy and nobody's doing much of anything to bolster it back up except Germany who still needs a place to visit in the Summer. Our Hopes don't align with what the rest of the chart is saying, except for Germany, of course, who likes to buy things cheaply.

Well, if Uranus is so close to the H8 and it is opposing Saturn in the 2d house that means that within a few more days those guys will have passed out of the finance houses and will be in the driver's seat. We have to get past the Full Moon on July 15 which fills in the empty leg of the t-square between Saturn-Uranus-Pluto. Great day to do demo. As a matter of fact, Los Angeles is closing a huge portion of the 405 freeway over this next week-end in order to yank down the Mulholland Bridge over the week-end. The force will be with them. Maybe even an earthquake, although I don't think earthquakes need a full Moon in order to happen. Mulholland was the Virgo who brought water to California by building damns. He said something like "Take It. It's yours!" Then he got a little in over his head and built a bad damn that flooded half the valley. So he spent the rest of his life hiding in his mansion. Now they are saying that all the damn systems in California might be the reason why the Hayward fault is not erupting. Apparently the damns stop the flooding and the fault lines tend to erupt after flooding. There's something so incredible about when Virgos make mistakes. It's as if divine reasoning is making them do it in order to improve things on a larger scale.

I think that Mercury rules the ASC/DESC which describes the sales pitch and the multiple solutions for how to keep things afloat. Marketing blitz. Why not? Also good for anything having to do with printing paper bills.

Neptune c. Pisces Descendant. Transparency. Empathy. Poor house. So Good Lookin.

So, Thanks for keeping us posted, Ben. No. Really. I mean it.

Wonder what Gold did with that unaspected Sun.

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Blogger Out The Comet's Ass said...

Just read the news that the demo work on the bridge in l.a. Finished a day early. So maybe the chart with full moon hitting Saturn Uranus Pluto tsquare really is good for demo, especially in cardinal signs.

8:48 PM  

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