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Monday, October 03, 2011

Deadly Food Poisoning in Cantaloupe

This Summer has seen the deadliest food poisoning in 10 years. 17 people have died from Listeria Bacteria which they contracted by eating cantaloupe which came from a farm in Colorado. This bacteria generally sickens pregnant women, the elderly or people who are immune deficient. It has up to a 2 month incubation period. The CDC says that 1 in 5 people who contract the disease die from it so it is very lethal. This outbreak has been mostly affecting elderly people. The first report was on July 31, 2011.

The Inspectors have tracked the source of the cantaloupe back to a farm in Holly, Colorado called Jensen Farms. A recall was placed on Sept. 14 for all cantaloupes shipped between July 29 and Sept. 10. Eric Jensen is fourth generation owner of the farm which I assume has never had anything like this happen to them before. They have been growing cantaloupes for 20 years.

An article in the paper was very well written because it contained quotes about some of the people thus providing valuable but probably inaccurate astrological data. Most victims are not identified but the families of 5 have come forward with a law suit so their stories were told and their names were given in the article.

From an astrological stand point it's interesting that a couple of the people were sickened right around the times of their Solar Returns. It would seem that the Sun's influence in some way has to do with this outbreak as it was most deadly while the Sun was in the sign of its rulership, Leo. And it broke out, or was identified on the day of the Leo New Moon. I don't know what rules melons. The Farm's website discusses how melons grown in their climate have high sugar content because of the extreme of their weather. This Summer had an extra long Sun-Venus conjunction.

Also, there were huge Solar Storms at the beginning of August which might have influenced the problem. It would be interesting to further study the influence of Solar Activity on creation of these types of illnesses. On Wikipedia there are lists of some of the major Solar Flare Activity in the past and some of these Listeria outbreaks coincide with the outbreaks I've looked at except the first one in 1985. 1985 seems to be a major year for Solar activity since it is said to have dropped off since that year. I've listed the Solar Events down below under each outbreak of Listeria. Maybe this illness is caused by freak exposures to electrical activity or radio waves. That would be a Uranus influence mostly I think.

Here's a great Russian website which shows Solar Flare activity for each day.


Yet another possible influence: Seems this disease likes to show up just after Neptune has changed signs! (That would be about every 13-14 years)

I will leave out the names and give only initials in order to provide some privacy.

Mars' passage through the Water sign of Cancer could possibly indicate a tendency for food born illnesses as Cancer rules food and farming (along with Virgo and Ceres). Mars rules fire, inflammation. I don't have birth times or places so can't find the exact placement of the Moon in the following individual's charts but there is potential that the 2 charts that I do have contain challenging aspects between the Moon and Mars in the natal charts.

It would seem that perhaps the Sagittarius NN/Gemini NN might be involved as Gemini often is connected with contagious diseases which spread. It is thought at this point that food that travels long distances becomes vulnerable to passing on diseases. Gemini and Sagittarius rule transportation. Since the last big outbreak of food poisoning was 10 years ago and that's half of a Nodal Return, i.e. the last time that the Nodal Axis was transiting Gemini-Sagittarius but in opposite directions, it would seem that this transit could indicate vulnerabilities for such outbreaks. This Axis squares the Virgo-Pisces axis which indicates public health and chronic health conditions.

I think that Uranus might be involved. Uranus rules the sign opposite the Sun so is in a way connected with anything the Sun does. It also rules the circulatory system and the way the body handles fluids because it is the Water Bearer. Stories describing the ways that people expressed the illness seem to vary a bit but it does seem that fluids were not traveling through their systems very well. Also, 2 of them were 84 years old which is the Uranus Return.

I looked at the placements of Ceres but didn't see any patterns. That doesn't mean there isn't anything going on there, I just didn't see it if there was. Ceres rules agriculture.

According to the article this is the information I could get hold of about the victims involved in the lawsuit. Mutable Sun Signs.:

H. S., Age 84, of Littleton, CO
retired engineer US Geological Survey
sickened July 20, 2011, is now in a nursing home

W. T. B. of Oklahoma, Age 87
b. June 8, 1924?
became ill late August, died Sept. 1, 2011

Sun 18 Gemini; Moon in Leo?; NN 27 Leo Rx

Neptune 19 Leo possibly conjunct Moon in Leo and NN 27 Leo Rx

C. D. W. of Catonsville, MD, 87 years old
retired printer for Department of Defense
became ill Aug. 23.

Born Mar. 9, 1925.

Sun 19 Pisces; Moon Leo or Virgo; NN 13 Leo

Died August. 31, 2011

C. P. of Colorado Springs, CO, Age 71

bought cantaloupe on Aug. 17. Is still recovering.

J. G. of Angleton, Texas.
Fell sick a day before her 66th Birthday.

b. Aug. 24, 1955 (place)
is recovering

Sun 2 Virgo; Moon Scorpio or Sagittarius; NN 23 Sagittarius
Mercury 20 Virgo; Venus 30 Leo; Mars 29 Leo; Jupiter 16 Leo; Saturn 16 Leo; Pluto 27 Leo

One can see the influence of a Nodal Return by transit here.
One can also see the huge stellium at the end of Leo/beginning of Virgo which includes a conjunction to the degree of Jupiter-Saturn with Venus-Mars-Pluto all in Leo connecting with the Sun in Virgo.


1st Outbreak, 86 cases, 50 deaths, many babies born stillborn.
Jan. 1, 1985 from soft unpasteurized Mexican cheese. Affected pregnant Hispanic women.

Last report June 14, 1985.

Sun 12 Capricorn; Moon Taurus; NN 26 Taurus; Ceres 12 Taurus; Mercury 19 Sagittarius; Venus 28 Aquarius; Mars 6 Pisces; Uranus 26 Sagittarus; Neptune 2 Capricorn; Pluto 5 Scorpio

Solar Flare Activity? Don't know. Solar Activity is said to have dropped off since 1985 so the year is significant in that way.

Eclipse Activity: 4 Eclipses in 1985, 3 are Total: Total Lunar on May 4, Total Lunar on Oct. 28, Total Solar on Nov. 12.

2d Outbreak, 40 cases, 4 deaths,
Aug. 2, 1998 from Hot dogs
Last case reported Dec. 2, 1998

Sun 11 Leo; Moon Scorpio or Sagittarius; Mercury 28 Leo; Venus 18 Cancer; Mars 19 Cancer; Neptune 1 Aquarius

Solar Activity: Severe geomagnetic storm Mar 13, 1998, hydro-power plant in Quebec collapsed.

Eclipse Activity: 5 Eclipses in 1998, Total Solar Eclipse on Feb. 26, 1998

3d Outbreak, 29 illnesses, in 10 states but half were in NY, Cargill turkey, ready to eat turkey.
May 17, 2000, last case reported Nov. 26, 2000

Sun 28 Taurus; Moon Scorpio; NN 28 Cancer; Merucuy 8 Gemini; Venus 21 Taurus; Mars 10 Gemini; Jupiter 21 Taurus; Saturn 22 Taurus

This was the month that there was a huge line up of planets in Taurus. Jupiter c. Saturn reflects chart of victim Juanita Gomez.

Solar Activity: July 14, 2000 X5 Class Flare

Eclipses: 6 Eclipses in 2000. 2 Total Lunar Eclipses on Jan 21, 2000 and on July 16, 2000.

4th Outbreak

June 2008 in a nursing home in Toronto, Canada. Ready to eat Corned Beef, Maple Leaf Foods. 57 cases, 23 deaths.

Neptune c. Chiron c. NN Aquarius
Pluto 1 Capricorn; Saturn 2 Virgo

Solar Activity: Nothing?

Eclipses: 2008 had 4 Eclipses. One Total Solar Eclipse on Feb. 21, 2008 and one total Lunar Eclipse on Aug. 1, 2008.

Between Oct. 19 - Nov. 5, 2003 biggest flare ever, radio blackout on Nov. 4, 2003

5th Outbreak

July 29, 2010 - Sept. 10, 2010 Cantaloupe poisoned. From Jensen Farm in Holly, Colorado

Sun 7 Leo; Moon Cancer/Leo; NN 22 Sagittarius

Mars 27 Gemini c. SN 22 Gemini
Mercury 1 Virgo opposite Neptune 1 Pisces Rx-Chiron 5 Pisces

Solar Activity: August 4 for about a week?, 2011

Eclipse: 2011 has 6 Eclipses with 2 Total Lunar Eclipses: June 15 and Dec. 10. The partial Solar on Nov. 25 and the Total Lunar on Dec. 10 have Mars-Moon squares.

When the June 15 Total Lunar Eclipse is set for Holly Colorado I think we get 13 Libra Rising with Saturn in conjunction at 11 Libra. The t-square between Saturn opposite Uranus 5 Aries (H6) and Pluto 7 Capricorn (H3) is very significantly placed on the angles, a social element. The 3d and 9th Houses contain the Eclipse planets Sun 25 Gemini opposing Moon 25 Sagittarius and the Nodal Axis NN 24 Sagittarius (H3). The Sun is in conjunction with Mercury 28 Gemini. Pluto-Moon-NN literally says "Death" "Food" "Destiny" in the 3d house. There are too many ways to read this. Things involving cars and vehicles and drivers would certainly be indicated.

Fall Equinox chart has a conjunction of Moon-Mars in Leo which repeats the challenging Moon-Mars theme.


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