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Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall Equinox Fall 2011

Happy Equinox. It's getting dark early. You are getting sleepy. Actually, according to this chart you're too psycho to fall asleep, but what do I know?

The chart for Washington, DC which is supposed to explain all things United States of America for the next 3 months:

Sept. 23, 2011 5:14 Washington DC
Sun 1 Libra (H1); Moon 5 Leo (H11); ASC 12 Virgo; MC 9 Gemini; NN 19 Sagittarius Rx

There are a couple of indicators that things will be volatile and will occur on split notice. There's a Sun-Uranus opposition from Libra to Aries. That's the Aries Points. So that shows oppositions or needs to balance ego with group, resources involving taking risks and showing off with handling unexpected surprises within a group of strangers. Probably more interest in dealing with strangers than with individuals.

There is a Moon-Mars conjunction which is extremely volatile emotionally. Moon = the Public, adoring or not. Mars is impulsive, spark. Together they can be reactive and raging. This conjunction is in the 11th House. That's points back at the Uranus influence of the Sun.

Fall Equinox is always ruled by a Libra Sun, of course, and this may actually show ability to balance and harmonize and use these impulsive influences for good. With Virgo rising the chart is also ruled by Mercury and Mercury is placed very prominently here in the 1st House, conjunct the Sun, and in its own sign at 25 Virgo. Virgo is earthy, practical and shy and may also guide the flamboyant emotional influences usefully.

There are no planets in Water in this chart which shows a need to compensate. Either people will be super callous or super sensitive. Who knows which. And it looks like water, overabundance and drought are heavy in the Weather news.

Sun-Uranus and Moon-Mars in Leo are extremely creative influences. In this chart they hook into each other in a happy way because Moon-Mars is trining Uranus.

One only hopes this will pan out well because in the California Equinox chart which occurs 3 hours earlier the Moon-Mars conjunction is right on the Ascendant. This means that Leo is Rising and the Sun rules the chart. It looks like, if there's anything to astrology something significant will happen to the country through California.

Something to do with angry people, fire and water. A recent study was published which shows that the tap Water here is everything I have been saying that it is. And that is that the Sewer is coming out through the taps. I read it in a Science Magazine at a laundromat last night: www.sciencenews.org, "Cracked sewers link fecal germs" by Janet Raloff. Thank you so much Janet Raloff, you are my Magic Science Writer Best Friend. The sewers in Wisconsin are just as messed up. We don't know about the rest of the country. Anyway, California is agricultural so we have all kinds of chemicals in our water that probably Wisconsin doesn't have. Don't know. I didn't really like Wisconsin much.

Anyway, I also read in an internet article that people who drink Diet Coke are 48 percent more likely to have a stroke. That's probably why all these thin movie stars and news casters are having seizures during their presentations. It's the Diet Coke and the Neurontin which is probably still in the water from when my shrink prescribed it to everyone whether they needed it or not just because the company was treating her to all kinds of free week end trips to Hawaii.

What better Equinox to have a stroke under than one with a Moon-Mars conjunction on the Ascendant (ASC rules the head)?

I've also just read that people who wash their hands 4 times a day have much less fire retardant in their systems than people with less compulsive hygiene. Maybe the stuff acts as an embalming fluid or something and will save your loved ones dollars at the check out, if you know what I mean.

The California Equinox chart has 4 planets in the 3d house of communications, siblings, and neighborhoods. People want community, but they want their community. I for example am pretty sure that I don't want to smell anyone cooking curry because that smell doesn't evaporate, it just sticks. It also shows a lot of stupid gossipy people standing around water coolers. And cars and telephones. And young school kids who cough a lot.

The new iphone is coming out soon. Smart phones are great tools for gang stalkers. They can communicate with each other about your whereabouts 24/7. And then follow you around in their cars. So when you park they can then vandalize your car. Yay! And Homeland Security can hire all kinds of guys to hack your computer. And mafias worldwide can send all kinds of guys to do their own surveillance using whatever wifi hotspots you use. Yay again!

Saturn is in H2 of the Washington DC chart and is conjunct the IC of the California Equinox chart. So that shows crumbling old banks and crumbling old infrastructure.

Which reminds me of the police. You might want to stay away from them if you live in California. Pluto in Capricorn is on the H6 cusp. They will be a little power trippy. Pluto is in the 4th House for Washington so we're still standing in quick sand with enemies standing on the sidelines laughing their heads off.

So listen to me right now. Practice saying "What's the matter Mr./Ms. Police Officer? Can I help you sir/maam?"

Neptune-Chiron is in the 8th House of the California chart. I'm not going to go there. It is, shall I say, very creative. If you have a big ego and know someone with an original idea you will probably get away with taking credit for it and going on to achieve fame. This is the house where plagiarism begins. You will be a scum bag but as long as you don't feel guilt you can get away with it. Trust me, I had a step-family and know what people are capable of.

The Astrolocality chart for the Fall Equinox for Washington DC has Moon and Mars lines running through California, All ends of it. And the astrolocality chart for California has Moon-Mars lines running through Washington! So it certainly looks as if there is a Moon-Mars element to California. If you're Bipolar it would be a great time to move here.

There's million ways to interpret. My first one is always negative of course, in terms of the volatility and violence element. Wherever Jerry Brown goes, violence is sure to follow. Probably upsets him a bit because he's worked so hard to seek peace in his life, but the Dude's an Aries so he's got to deal with a really big shadow in that regard I guess.

This is such a strong "birth" chart with Moon and Mars, rulers of babies and infants and heads, that maybe something incredible will start here. Once half of the population has been poisoned by the aging water infrastructure that is. Or murdered by certain somebodies who are demanding their "rights". With Neptune in the 8th House of finance maybe the Mexican Drug cartels will take over the insurance companies. Or maybe Bank of America will go bankrupt.

It looks like fevers, and issues with public health might be a concern, but that might just be me going on about the underground plumbing again.

So I decided to look up more information about the Moon and Mars influences over the next few months.

There will be a partial Solar Eclipse on
Nov. 25, 2011 (didn't write down the time)

Sun 3 Sagittarius; Moon 3 Sagittarius; NN 15 Sagittarius; G
Grand Square between Mars 7 Virgo (H12) trine Jupiter 2 Taurus (H8) trine Pluto 7 Capricorn (H4)

Then there will be another Total Lunar Eclipse which repeats the Moon-Mars influence on California again for the entire country.

Total LUnar Eclipse
Dec. 10, 2011 10:36 am New York, NY

Sun 19 Sagittarius; Moon 19 Gemini; NN 15 Sagittarius; ASC 23 Capricorn;

The Moon-Sun Full Moon squares Mars 14 Virgo.
Uranus will be stationing Direct at 1 Aries.

Then I looked at Richard Nolle's sight to see if there will be any SuperMoons and there won't be unless I mis-read the charts which is likely.

Then I read Richard Nolle's predictions about Moon and Mars and the Mars activity looks pretty active.


Every 2 years there's a Mars Max period. This year it starts on Oct. 28, 2011. Mars will be at 24 Leo squaring Mercury-Venus at 24-25 Scorpio. That could suck for the markets. I don't like to see Mercury-Venus conjunctions in October.

Mars 24 Leo will also be opposing Neptune 29 Aquarius.

Nolle's "Mars Max" cycle will last fromOct. 2011-July 2012. You can read about what that means over at his site.

Mars will SRx on January 24, 2012. This is the beginning of its Synodic Cycle which means that probably somebody very smart will be born who will be an early success in life, kind of like Mark Zukerberg. The Synodic Cycle is when Mars RX is opposing the Sun. This one will occur on Mar. 3, 2012 so people with significant parts of their charts at mid-Mutable will be under the influence, so to speak. Venus will be in conjunction with Uranus in Aries.

Mars will Sdirect on April 14.

Mars Rx happens once every two years so it's fairly common.

Saturn moving into Scorpio might make the Hayward Fault angry. I seem to remember that many of the larger earthquakes occur when a major outer planet is at mid-Scorpio so that would be in about 1.5 years. It wouldn't take a big earthquake to totally decimate the place. Saturn and Pluto at this point will be in mutual reception and that's a fairly ugly idea. It can show creative determination to be creative and as long as there is inspiration that's great. Maybe lots of fashion models will be born next year as well, good bones. That's a great combination for becoming anorexic. Watch your knees.

Saturn will enter Scorpio while opposing Jupiter 4 Taurus.

So that looks earthquakey although I don't think that Eclipses are predictably associated with earthquakes. The Sun-Moon and Mars lines for this Eclipse run through Southern California.

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