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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ursus Wehrli

The idea of cleanliness and order do not go hand in hand with the traditional modern idea of creating art. (I know, traditional and modern are not supposed to go together to describe the same thing, but we are in a time of transition right now).

A new artist gives us a new slant, however.

Swiss photographer and comedian and performance artist Ursus Wehrli has published a new book in which he photographs old art cleaned up and set up to look orderly.

I was hoping things would line up perfectly in a Virgonian kind of way and Wehrli would turn out to be a Virgo, the sign most connected with cleanliness and obsessive compulsive disorder. Well, he's just coming off of a 30 year progression through that sign, so I was close.

If the date I've found is correct Wehrli turns out to be a Leo Sunp maybe even was born on a Leo New Moon. That means that he's more of an artist than anything else. Leo is the creative sign. Photography can't exist without light and who provides better light than a person with his Sun in the sign which it rules?

Ursus Wehrli
b. maybe August 13, 1969

Sun 21 Leo; Moon Leo; NN 23 Pisces

Wehrli's natal chart is more telling. He was born in 1969 just after the big conjunction of Uranus-Pluto in Virgo. But his Virgo in this chart, assuming the date is correct, shows Pluto within one degree conjunction of the Virgo South Node. Pluto is the other ruler of obsessive compulsive disorder. This guy is channeling one wiggy past life right now.

Check it out. This guy was born to make all of us want to be obsessive compulsives. Throw out the meds and join the party.

Wehrli's progressed chart is really incredible for showing big changes going on in his life right now, possibly connected with achieving Fame. Three of his planets have changed signs by progression (secondary).

His progressed Sun is on the AP at 2 Libra so it's just spent the last 30 years dealing with public hygiene-organizational compulsions issues in the sign of Virgo. This great gift is coming to the public attention on the Aries Point.

His progressed Venus has just moved in to the sign of Virgo at 2 degrees. So his art (Venus) is all about things Virgonian. Cleanliness is just the punchbowl at the beginning of the party. This guy is probably going to get totally John Cagian on us, maybe a little Buddha party as well.

Progressed Mars (creative spark, self will) is at 3 Capricorn, also just past the Aries Point. That's seriously good for career.

And his progressed Mercury (communication style) is at 12 Libra and went Rx back around 2003-4 or so. He's thinking and rethinking how to mediate what is balance and harmony.

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