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Monday, September 19, 2011

Season of Big Earthquakes

There have been what seems like an extremely large amount of big earthquakes this year. I'm talking about earthquakes over 6.0 on Richter Scale which is big. Honshu Japan just can't seem to settle down. Please pray for those people. I personally think we should give them a third of the coast of California and get them the hell out of there.

I looked at 7 earthquakes which have occurred over the last week. These earthquakes all have a Grand Earth Trine between Mercury in Virgo, Jupiter in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn.

What's really interesting is that the placement of Saturn, Uranus and Pluto sticks so close to the angles in the charts. Venus has been in opposition to Uranus while Mars trines it and these two planets rule the charts of 5 out of the 7 charts through the signs of Aries and Libra. One chart has Virgo Rising and one has Pisces Rising. Mercury is generally very prominently placed in earthquake charts. Neptune rules its opposite sign. I don't know enough about astrology of weather, but Neptune/Pisces is strongly related to the ideas of Chaos and of having to surrender to something bigger than one's self. The Weather is in that category. Well, not in California so far, knock on wood. That might change as the next eclipse set might bring something bad. And when Saturn moves into Scorpio and is in mutual reception with Pluto even the sunshine state might have a little Lord of the Rings situation to work through. We're moving into Sun in Libra which is bad for the Bay Area. Southern California might get a big earthquake if triggered by the Eclipses in Dec/Jan. I think I read that a Volcano is in the process of erupting somewhere.

So, the charts of major earthquakes in the last week -- signs which were rising approximately, I didn't use exact locations so give orbs a little leeway:

2 in Aries
3 in Libra
1 in Virgo
1 in Pisces

4 of the Earthquakes have Moon in Aries which means that the Moon is in mutual reception with Mars at end of Cancer, very volatile. This means that the Moon and Mars while triggering each other are also triggering the outer planets Uranus, Pluto, Saturn in Cardinal Signs (and, as I said, close to the angles at the times of the earthquakes.

6.1 9/14/2011 18:10 UTC, 9:10 am LT, Attu, Alaska.
Sun 22 Virgo (H12); Moon 18 Aries (H7); ASC 2 Libra; MC 2 Cancer; NN 19 Sagittarius RX

Saturn 17 Libra (H1) Pluto 5 Cap c. IC 2 Cap; Uranus 4 Aries c. DESc 2 Aries
Venus 30 Virgo opp. Uranus
Mars 28 Cancer (H10) trine Uranus

6.0 9/15/2011 7:53 UTC, 7:53 pm LT L'Esperance Rock, Kermadec Islands, New Zealand

Sun 23 Virgo (H7); Moon 25 Aries (H2); ASC 6 Pisces; MC 16 Sagittarius; NN 19 sagittarius

Saturn 17 Libra (H7); Pluto 5 Capricorn (H7) Uranus 4 Aries Rx (H1)

Ruler Neptune (in Aquarius) conjunct ASC along with Chiron

6.2 9/15/2011

Oh, forget it. I'm bored. Look this shit up yourself. I don't even like Astrologers, (except for the ones in San Diego).

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