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Monday, September 19, 2011

Who's My Mummy?

Okay, so that's a cliche title for this post but, hey, talk about returning to the womb. There's a bunch of 5000 year cycles. The Mayans had a 5,200 year cycle which is going to end next year. There are 4 ages of 1250 which adds up to 4800 years, maybe, maybe not depending on whether or not I can do math. Scientists have all kinds of theories about cycles and the tides. Here's a bunch. I can't read it because of all the techno verbage but maybe somebody else can. It's looks like astrology to me but don't tell the scientists that.

Then there's the German couple who went hiking in the Italian Alps 20 years ago and found what they thought was the body of a dead hiker. Turns out the body was 5000 years old and very well preserved.

They found the body

Sept. 19, 1991 Alps of Italy

Sun 26 Virgo; Moon Capricorn or Aquarius; NN 16 Capricorn. This was in trine to Mercury in Virgo. Mercury in Gemini rules Hikers. I guess Mercury in Virgo rules Hikers who find Mummies.

The Sun was squaring the Galactic Center. That's kind of trippy but it happens pretty often, 4x a year.

Neptune and Uranus were in conjunction with the North Node in Capricorn. Uranus stationed direct that day. Capricorn rules all things old and, well, remarkably well preserved. It always helps to have a lot of earth in your chart, it just means that you're in sync with the dirt and the gravitational pull and the red hot magma in the center.

Pluto was in his own sign, Scorpio. A little phoenix rising up out of the ashes kind of thing from old Italian Mummies.

Saturn was at 1 Aquarius Rx.

This means that Saturn and Uranus were in mutual reception in each others' signs. Out with the old and in with the new, or, whoops, forget those rules: Here's something really, really old that you've never seen before.

Aquarius is related to history because he rules cycles and circulatory systems and surprising finds up in the Alps. Can you imagine listening to 5000 years of nothing but yodeling? I can't think of anything worse, no offense, Astrodienst.

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