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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Gasline Explosion Cupertino, CA

Last Wednesday there was another gas line explosion in the South Bay town of Cupertino, CA. This occurred a year almost to the day after the disastrous explosion in San Bruno about 30 miles north in the San Francisco Bay Area. It seems that perhaps underground pipes could be more vulnerable at this time of year. It's certainly interesting that sun ( heat, fire) in Virgo is in the sign opposite Pisces which rules gas and oil and leaks. What's also interesting are the amazing other coincidences between the two charts. Both charts have moon conjunct Saturn in libra. They also have neptune in Aquarius on an angle in conjunction with Chiron.

This gas line explosion was much kinder to the neighborhood than the San Bruno explosion was. The local news was already making stories about the aftermath of the tragedy. The real story would have been if they had covered the problem a few years ago.

The Cupertino townhouse is destroyed but no one was hurt or died. The owner had just left about 15 minutes before. Her dog was home and ran under the bed and has been treated for smoke inhalation. Thank God for the Fire Brigade who no doubt arrived just in time.

The explosion began in the garage. PG&E has discovered 7 leaks in the plastic Aldyl-A piping which was laid in the early 1970s. This type of plastic piping is known to become very brittle when laid into certain conditions (read the article linked to down below).

Story: http://www.orovillemr.com/news/ci_18814074.

Explosion Cupertino Townhome, Dog and Owner Survive
Aug. 31, 2011 12:25 pm Cupertino, CA Wednesday

Sun 9 Virgo (H10); Moon 16 Libra (H11); ASC 18 Scorpio; MC 27 Leo; NN 20 Sagittarius

Pipes laid in the ground are ruled by 4th House. Neptune rules Gas. Neptune 30 Aquarius Rx is conjunct the IC of this chart. This same conjunction was conjunct the ASC in the San Bruno explosion. Aquarius perhaps is good to observe here because Aquarius represents sudden unexplained events and circulatory systems, even pipelines. It also rules innovation so perhaps some Bay Area Tech genius will turn his brains over to developing a better idea with regards to plumbing.

Also, amazingly, similar to the San Bruno explosion are the Moon-Saturn conjunctions. They are both in the same sign of Libra. Moon is conjunct Saturn at 16 Libra to the degree in the Cupertino Explosion. Moon is at 11 Libra conjunct Saturn 6 Libra in the San Bruno explosion. The Moon seems to trigger the Cardinal Sign problems which have shown up in infrastructure problems. Moon also rules plumbing and flow and drainage and all things 4th House.

Mars is placed in Cardinal Signs in both charts as well. In the San Bruno explosion it was at 27 Libra. In the Cupertino explosion it is at 19 Cancer.

Neptune-IC is apex of a Thor's Hammer to a conjunction of Moon to Saturn to the degree at 16 Libra (H11). This conjunction is squaring Mars 19 Cancer (H8). (I still don't have a clue what a Thor's Hammer means except that it's a triangle figure made out of only stressful aspects. Two semi or sesqui-squares are held together by a square.)

Moon-Mars squares are volatile trigger aspects. This square is expanded out and connects in with Saturn-Neptune. Their connections to Saturn and Neptune in this triangle of only challenging aspects must in some way show leaks and things that wear out. Saturn is literally connected with the term brittle which is how the pipes are described. The square taking place from H8 to H11 echoes the energy of the crisis thinking of the current square between Uranus and Pluto which are rulers of those houses.

The Good News is the Grand trine here. The situation was contained. Sun 9 Virgo-Venus 13 Virgo (H10) trine Pluto 5 Capricorn (H2) trine Jupiter 11 Taurus (H6). The owner and her amazing dog have survived. The Jupiter (Luck) in H6 of pets works out nicely here. I hope the little pooch is healing. No planets were traveling out of bounds in the Cupertino chart. So perhaps this explains how the problem was contained to the one house. The plumbing/sewer pipes are also probably are a mess as well.

Although nobody feels it at this time, it's great that people are becoming aware of the hazardous conditions that they are living in and can perhaps avoid another disaster which is inevitable unfortunately.



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