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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bicyclists Killed in Brooklyn

Five Bicyclists were killed on the streets of Brooklyn within a month of each other. 10 cyclist fatalities have occurred this past year alone.

Wow, this Summer, bicycling was for New Yorkers what guns were to Oakland and San Jose (liberal hypocrisy of the area at its finest) and hiking was for visitors to Yosemite.

Just these weird coincidental pockets of fatalities that I'm finding cropping up in the news.

The New Yorkers place "Ghost Bikes" up at locations where bicyclists are killed. Hopefully some proper bike lanes will be set up to protect them in the future.

I suspect that this is all related in some way to the Nodal Axis transit of the signs which rule hiking and local transportation, Gemini. At this point the South Node is in Gemini. That's the end of the Nodal Axis which represents some sort of fault in the Destiny which throws off the good things that are offered by the opposite end (which would be issues ruled by Sagittarius). Things that don't work in the local environment (Gemini) will cause problems in the big environment (Sagittarius) (International).

Here's a list of the recent fatalities from the information I could find. Can't vouch for accuracy of the information.

Aug. 1, Monday. 29-year old Robert Doyle killed.

Aug. 2, night, 70-year old Andrezei Wisnuk killed.

Aug. 18, before 5:40 pm, 52-year old Jeffrey Axelrod killed

Aug. 30, 7:00 pm 29-year old Erica Abbott killed.

Sep. 2, (Friday), 8:30 pm, 24-year old Nicolus Djandj killed.

Oct 18, night, Matthieu Lefevre killed, 30-years old, born Mars 1981.

Since 3 of these people were 29-30 it seems that perhaps Saturn in Libra is connected with bicycling. That is the age associated with the first Saturn Return. I sort of suspect that Libra isn't the greatest sign for drivers. You don't want to have a relationship with everything on the road. I think they might feel less safe around all that Mars-Mercury driving type stuff because they know what can happen and subsequently it does happen. Saturn is related to one's issues of safety and caution. Interesting that the last 3 mentioned were all artists, as well. Libra is very much associated with artists who seek balance and harmony.

Kind of interesting to note that most of the deaths occurred after work hours. Venus has been in conjunction with the Ascendant pretty much consistently during these months around that time. And Saturn is dispositing to Venus because of its transit in Libra. Venus also rules the 3d House of transportation for much of that time. I'm getting carried away with the Venus stuff here. But, for some reason it is standing out. Accidents are ruled by Mars and Uranus together. Mercury rules local transportation, daily routes, that type of thing.

Saturn was mostly in the 2d house. I don't know what that means except that it is opposite the 8th House of Death. Saturn is related to brakes, safety precautions, exhaustion.

Uranus (Accidents, unexpected, shock) in the 8th House (Death).

I went back to the Total Lunar Eclipse that occurred on June 15 the way I did while looking at the deaths in Yosemite over the Summer. The chart is pretty interesting when set for New York.

In New York this Eclipse had a 5 Scorpio Rising chart. That means that Pluto was Ruler of the chart. And Pluto was conjunct the 3d House cusp in a tight one degree orb. This Eclipse contains the last pass of the big Saturn-Uranus-Pluto t-square which means that the victims who were going through their Saturn Returns were also under the influence of this challenging aspect. Pluto was apex of that t-square so is a very strong figure in that chart. This shows, in hindsight of course, that some larger than life crises related to local neighborhoods, transportation, roads, neighbors, siblings was related to New York.

Rest in Peace.

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