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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Is It National Unsuccessful Euthanasia of Household Pets Month?

Just read two stories about animals who survived the Gas Chambers at their local pounds. I suspect that this is normal and that the Gas Chamber people are trying to use the minimal amount of gas possibly in order to save money. Either way, there are two stories.

On October 3, Daniel the Beagle survived a gassing in Alabama. He was in there with 17 other animals who passed out cold. But Daniel was standing wobbling legged but wagging tail at the door when it opened. Daniel has been moved to New Jersey where at last report he is up for adoption.

In Utah, a Black Cat has survived 2 attempts and has become the spokes cat for stopping inhumane deaths of animals. After the second attemtp, this cat, now named Andrea, was heard meowing when a worker was bringing a dead dog into what I suspect was the crematorium.

Don't know what to look for in the astrology. House pets are ruled by Virgo, H6, and Mercury. Gas is ruled by the opposite sign, Pisces and Pisces ruler Neptune and house 12.

Mercury was in conjunction with the Sun and Saturn and Venus in Libra on October 3. At this point is was squaring a conjunction of Moon-Pluto in Capricorn. Moon and Pluto are the other two planets which rule Death (in addition to Neptune). This square looks like a death sentence to me, but this square is hooked into a larger triangle formation with Jupiter 9 Taurus. I don't have a clue how to translate that, but I imagine that Jupiter in Taurus has a very good constitution and a lot of physical strength. And it's also lucky.

The Black Cat, Andrea, would have been gassed around the middle of October. The conjunction of Sun to Saturn in Libra was in tighter conjunction at that point. That's a pretty clear headed aspect. Saturn is at home in Libra. Libras tend to be vegetarians along with Pisces, so the workers were probably just more sensitive/egalitarian during this month. Mercury and Venus had moved into Scorpio. That's a great figure for thinking about a story about a black cat but I suspect it has nothing much to do with the actual story. What does stay the same is the conjunction of Sun-Saturn in Libra and the trine between Jupiter in Taurus to Pluto in Capricorn.

Neptune is still Retrograde at the end of Aquarius so we have one last chance to try to act like civil, humane people before all comes to end when Neptune moves into Pisces and the shit of the universe takes power. Mary Poppins has definitely left the building at this point.

Andrea is available for adoption as of last post. It sounds like her health has been compromised. I'm pretty sure her kidneys and liver are shot, but probably her memory of the hell she went through has probably been erased as well.



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