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Monday, October 17, 2011

Cookin the Books With Kinde Durkee

I was just wondering whatever happened to California Cuisine. Turns out that it was all gobbled up by the Campaign Treasurer of the Democratic Party, an embezzler named Kinde Durkee.

I'm sorry, "Kinde" "Durkee" but that dopey name sounds like some sort of mistake that could only pop out of Cape Cod.

And, I know, I know, Innocent until Proven Guilty so I'm way ahead of myself here.

But, no, this woman is most likely a native Californian. There are rumors saying that Kinde Durkee needed to pay for her Mother's old folks home. But apparently Mom is parked full time at Disneyland because Kinde Durkee has stolen almost $5 Million from Dianne Feinstein's campaign funds alone. That would fund a whole new monorail.

It looks like Durkee took from women politicians but perhaps she defrauded some boys as well.

Man, California journalism is such a mess. In addition to the typos and mispellings nobody wants to give out Kinde Durkee's birth info. I thought I would up-end the status quo and look it up in my new secret astro b-day spot but then that unearthed two different Kinde Durkees with two different dates. Both Californians, but one So-Cali and the other No-Cal. This woman can cook.

What's the signature for an embezzler? The two birth dates I've found so far, there may be more to come.

Kinde Durkee
two possible birth dates

May 15, 1948 Long Beach, CA

Sun 25 Taurus; Moon Leo?; NN Taurus

Sun opposite Chiron 22 Scorpio Rx
Jupiter 28 Sagittarius Rx opposite Uranus 25 Gemini
big stellium in Leo: Pluto 13 Leo; Saturn 17 Leo; Moon Leo; Mars 29 Leo
Venus 6 Cancer square Neptune 11 Libra Rx


Mar. 29, 1953 Alameda, CA

Sun 9 Aries; Moon Virgo or Libra; NN 11 Aquarius

Venus 1 Taurus Rx opposite Saturn 26 Libra Rx
Mercury 21 Pisces Rx
Neptune 23 Libra c. Saturn 26 Libra Rx

A Forensic Accountant named Grant Beauchamp first noticed discrepancies in the books when a $4,500 check went missing back in March 2010. Wouldn't we like to know what his sign is. But, he deserves his privacy, he's earned it. He began to notice scorch marks on someone's account back in March 2010, a check in the amount of $4,500.

Looking at the victims we see a bunch of Cardinal Signs. Kind of freaky to see what the eclipses and the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto t-square did.

Feinstein is a Cancer Sun (June 22, 1933) and Loretta Sanchez is a Capricorn Sun (Jan 7, 1960). Susan Davis and Laura Richardson are Aries (Apr. 13, 1944 and Apr. 14, 1962 respectively). Barbara Boxer's a Scorpio, that's Fixed so perhaps she's safe.

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