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Monday, October 17, 2011

Death of Sports Car Driver Dan Wheldon

Two-time winner of the Indianapolis 500, Dan Wheldon, died in a fiery crash during the 11th lap of a race in Las Vegas, NV yesterday.

I'm too Saturnian to follow race car driving but I looked at Wheldon's chart anyway to see if anything super obvious could have shown such a tragic accident. I was looking for the usual Mars-Uranus connection which shows accidents.

The Nodal Axis, both natal and transiting, were heavily afflicted with Wheldon's chart. That shows events relating to destiny.

Natally Wheldon had a North Node at 1 Libra which was squared by his natal Sun. The Sun in aspect with natal Nodes will show a connection between the life path and show of courage. It also represents Fire. The square aspect is considered a challenging influence.

Wheldon's Sun is also on the Aries Points which shows a need to come before the public. At this time, Uranus is transiting in close aspect over the South Node in Aries. Uranus rules sudden and unexpected events and accidents. South Node shows a problem in the life path. With Uranus in the sign that Mars rules we automatically have a 7 year transit which indicates accidents or other sudden and unexpected events, especially if it aspects one's natal chart.

So, that's the natal Nodes.

On the other hand, the transiting Nodal Axis is in close aspect with Wheldon's natal Neptune by one degree. Neptune rules Oil and Gas which I suppose is indirectly related to race car driving. It's not usually the first planet to look at relating to death but it actually does rule one of the death houses. Usually it is related to a chronic problem that has been around a while or fuzzy thinking, or even drugs and alcohol.

The Sun really stands out in Wheldon's chart in many ways. As I said he has it prominently placed on a significant spot at 1 Cancer. This squares his Nodal Axis within a tight 1 degree orb. His Sun is the lead planet of a locomotive chart. His career success seems to be connected with Solar Events. He has passed away at a significant age related to a Solar cycle. Age 33 is a significant year in the Solar Return chart cycle. The Sun in that chart returns to the same house where it was when the person was born.

Wheldon's Solar Return chart this year had a difficult Grand Square in it as Mercury was filling in the empty leg of the long term t-square aspect between Saturn-Uranus and Pluto. Mercury rules driving. It was interesting to read on Wikipedia that Weldon won his first Indianapolis 500 race on his Birthday in 2005, that's a Solar Return.

The only planet that Weldon's Sun has an aspect to is a sextile of his natal Mars in Virgo. Sextiles show talent and Mars and Sun together will show the impulse to go fast. The transiting Mars in Leo was squaring Wheldon's natal Uranus. That shows the tendency to get into an accident near this particular time.

I don't know what time the actual accident occurred but it looks as if the Moon in Gemini was passing over the Gemini South Node and was in a sextile/trine aspect with transiting Mars. Gemini and Mercury rule driving, along with Mars, so this perhaps is the spot where one sees that a situation involved with driving will occur.

Dan Wheldon
b. June 22, 1978 Olney, England

Sun 1 Cancer; Moon Capricorn or Aquarius; NN 2 Libra Rx.

Fatal Crash of 15 cars
Oct. 16, 2011 Las Vegas, NV Time?______

Sun 24 Libra; Moon Gemini around middle degrees; NN 18 Sagittarius Rx

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