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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Innocent Released From Jail

It seems that lately there are an exceptional amount of high profile cases in the news about people being liberated from prison for crimes they didn't commit.

Well, actually, it seems that the first case to start things off was the infamous Casey Anthony case in which a beautiful young mother was let off for the murder of her daughter. Nobody believes that she was innocent so we got to see yet another case of how the scales of justice swing in all sorts of weird directions.

It seems that there ought to be some sort of astrological pattern as to why all these releases have happened within such a brief amount of time. It certainly seems that the last pass of the stressful big outer planet t-square of Saturn-Uranus-Pluto has finally let up on some of the tensions which it brewed up over the last couple of years. It seems to have done clean up on some of the major outer planet transits from years past. Pluto has hit the spot at early Capricorn where the big Uranus-Neptune conjunction was back in 1993. Saturn has hit the spot where the Saturn-Pluto conjunction was in 1982. And etc. The charts of both the people and the crimes are sort of folding in on each other over the years.

The Sun and Venus have been in an extra long conjunction through many signs over the Summer which maybe loosened up negotiations and helped people to see the other side of their opinions. Venus rules the sign of Libra which literally represents the Scales of Justice. Saturn, Governance and Judges, is also in Libra. And Saturn had its last pass through the big and stressful outer planet t-square with Uranus and Pluto, both heavy planets which are signatures of crises. That's sort of the kind of pressure cooker which makes you or breaks you.

Also, Neptune entered its own sign of Pisces last year but tracked back into Aquarius for the last time at this point. Neptune/Pisces rule Jail, especially escaping Jail through loosened barriers. And Aquarius rules Humanitarian deeds. So, however you want to interpret that, this is certainly a time when the world at large is looking at these activities through these people.

The recent Eclipses have been in Gemini/Sagittarius and Cancer/Capricorn and one can see the emphasis on Cardinal and Mutable signs in all these personal charts. (The innocent Fixed Sun Signs are still in jail I guess.) On the other hand, it's probably just an interesting coincidence to notice that all were incarcerated for crimes which were committed while the Sun was in a Fixed Sign.

I'm not reading too deeply into these charts and am hopefully putting down the correct information where I can find it. Basically just gathering the information here in a bundle hopefully for another day or another person's brains. And also am adding Chiron's placement. One hopes that the world will learn through the woundings which these people have received.

First off was the release after 18 years of the Memphis 3. Three men were released from jail for committing the murders of 3 8 year old boys back in 1993. Pluto has hit the spot where Uranus and Neptune were in conjunction in early Capricorn.

Murders committed May 5, 1993 West Memphis, Arkansas.

Sentenced 1994

Release date with suspended sentences: Aug. 19, 2011

Damien Echols sentenced to Death for the crime.
b. Dec. 11, 1974 West Memphis, ARk?.

Sun 20 Sagittarius; Moon Scorpio or Sagittarius; NN 11 Sagittarius
Chiron 21 Aries Rx square Saturn 18 Cancer Rx
trines Mercury 15, Sun 20, Venus 28 Sagittarius

Jessie Misskelley, Jr. sentenced to life in prison for the crime.
b. July 10, 1975

Sun 18 Cancer; Moon Cancer or Leo; NN 29 Scorpio Rx
Chiron 28 Aries c. Jupiter Aries opposing Uranus 29 Libra
Chiron sextiles Mercury 29 Gemini

Jason Baldwin sentenced to life in prison.
b. Apr. 11, 1977

Sun 22 Aries; Moon Capricorn or Aquarius; NN 25 Libra Rx
Chiron 1 Taurus possibly squaring Moon
Chiron squares Saturn 10 Leo SD

Amanda Knox was released from Italian jail on Oct. 3, 2011 after more than 4 years incarceration for the murder of her roommate in Perugia, Italy.

Date of Murder: Nov. 1, 2007 Perugia, Italy

Amanda Knox
b. July 9, 1987 Seattle, Washington

Sun 18 Cancer; Moon Sagittarius or Capricorn; NN 7 Aries Rx

Chiron 25 Gemini

2 American Hikers were released after more than 2 year in jail for crossing the borders into Iran.

They were detained on July 31, 2009.

They were released on Sept. 21, 2011. They were born during the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Libra so this is definitely a pretty crazy Saturn Return for them in dealing with the Judicial System.

Josh Fattal
b. June 4, 1982 Elkins Park, Pennsylvania? (I think)

Sun 14 Gemini; Moon Scorpio or Sagittarius; NN 15 Cancer Rx

Chiron 25 Taurus opposite Uranus3 Sagittarius, possibly Moon

Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Libra

Shane Bauer
b. July 13, 1982 Onami, Minnesota

Sun 21 Cancer; Moon in Aries; NN 13 Cancer Rx

Chiron 27 Taurus

Mars-Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Libra

Released earlier due to health problems was their companion on the hike:

Sarah Shourd
b. Aug. 10, _____ Place maybe Los Angeles?

These 3 were detained soon after 2 women, Laura Ling and Euna Lee, were detained in North Korea.

Unfortunately it also looks as if a man was possibly put to death in Texas for a murder that he didn't commit. He was murdered by the Judical System just as Saturn was passing over his natal Sun.

Troy Davis died on Sept. 21, 2011 at 11:08 pm Georgia

Troy Davis born Oct. 9, 1968 Cloverdale or Savannah, Georgia (I think)

Sun 17 Libra; Moon Taurus; NN 10 Aries

Chiron 1 Aries Rx trine Neptune 25 Scorpio

murder: Aug. 19, 1989 Cloverdale, Georgia

Uranus-SAturn-Neptune between 2-9 degrees Capricorn where Pluto is now.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi OTCA...would be interesting to know where 18-22 Cancer/Cap is located on these charts.

also, regarding the WM3, Echols and Baldwin were convicted entirely on the coerced confession of Misskelley (who has an IQ of 70), so the synastry between those charts would make an interesting study.

the birth times would also give an idea of why Echols attracts the kind of people/energy he does, because the persona he projects played a role not only in his victimization (he was regarded as the town weirdo), but ALSO in his ultimate release--the case attracted the attention of Eddie Vedder, Natalie Maines, and Johnny Depp. Vedder in particular has practically lived this case and his dedication to getting Echols off of Death Row was almost single-minded. he and Echols have even written music together. And not only the rich and famous-- Echols's wife, a New Yorker who left her job and her life to move to Arkansas because the case and freeing Damien became her reason for being.

The other person absolutely devoted to Damien has been Jason Baldwin. At the time of trial Baldwin (then only 16 years old) was offered a five year sentence in exchange for turning state's witness against Echols--he refused. He also wanted to turn down the eventual plea offer, preferring to see his name cleared via a new trial, and the only thing that convinced him to take the deal was the urgency of getting Damien off Death Row.

So I'm thinking that Damien attracts people who are either completely repelled by him or completely devoted to him. Either way, that's an enormous amount of influence/impact for one person to have on others.

I watched Echols and Baldwin on Piers Morgan's show (Damien's wife was on as well) and Morgan practically ignored Baldwin, which really astounded me since Baldwin's integrity, even at the age of 16 when he must have been overwhelmed and terrified of what was happening to him, is almost superhuman. Baldwin has said he didn't take the original offer of five years because he knew he hadn't murdered anyone, but if he turned state's witness then he would be guilty of taking a life--Damien's. It's just mindblowing to think of a 16 year old having the ability to arrive at that reasoning under those circumstances.

btw, interesting side note--Damien's appellate attorney, Dennis Riordan--is the same attorney who's handling Phil Spector's appeal.


2:37 AM  
Blogger Out The Comet's Ass said...

Hey K,

Thanks for visiting and for all the information. Damien's chart is incredible for looking at how all that Sagittarius appeals to a broad audience but maybe not so much a small town crowd. He certainly is charismatic. They said that he tried to kill himself while in jail, though, so he is also very frail. I sure hope we can get his whole chart because I'd like to compare it with your comments. Would be great to look at the Ascendant and MC. He was imprisoned when he was 18 and now he has been released 18 years later. That's almost something whacky related to the Nodal Axis cycle.

I saw the interview with Pierce Brosnan and noticed the same thing you did about how Brosnan treated Baldwin. He seemed almost irritated by him. I don't understand what was going on there.

I also hope that Misskelley will be ok. I especially liked when Jason Baldwin stepped in and mentioned that he sort of just got stressed out during the interrogation and agreed to all the questions, which led to the guilty verdicts.

9:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, I meant to respond and forgot (I forget a lot).

Wanted to say that your nodal axis observation on Damien is very interesting.

Since we first exchanged comments I read somewhere that Jason moved out of ARK (and who can blame him) and he's working construction. I felt bad about that because Jason got either part of a college education or completed one (can't remember which) while he was in prison. I also remember reading that he has a lot of talent in graphic arts.

also, your observation about Piers Morgan's reaction to Jason was exactly right--I'd said he ignored him, but when you said Piers seemed almost irritated by him that was more on-target. yeah, it really is weird what was going on there. it was almost like Piers resented him for getting in the way of asking Damien more questions or something.

hey, guess where I just visited? Bob's forum. the forum was updated and now you can see when your last visit was--I hadn't been there in over a year. I also checked my pm box and it says I have one unread message, but I can't find any unread messages. I hope me not answering the unread message I can't find didn't offend the sender or hurt his/her feelings because I haven't posted on the boards or in private message there since 2008.

but back to Damien--another interesting observation about Damien's Sagg influence. My daughter's a quadruple Sagg (Uranus/Sun/Jupiter/Neptune) and she's very charismatic with a big, outgoing personality. she lives in a big city now that she's grown up and she's thriving, but we raised her in the suburbs and it's true, as you say, that there were times she experienced resentment/jealousy in the smaller setting.

I remember when she was six years old having to change her dance school because she'd been a soloist in kindergarten and the next year the teacher put her in a class with 9 and 10 year olds because she wasn't getting an opportunity to progress with the class at her own age level. one of the older kids was so verbally abusive to her on a weekly basis that she got to the point where she didn't want to go. so I found a bigger school with a performing/competition troupe with kids her own age and I remember at the time saying it was better for her to be in the bigger pond where all the little fishes were good dancers as opposed to being a big fish in a small pond.


10:13 PM  
Blogger Out The Comet's Ass said...

Hi K,

Those are great observations.

That's really interesting to hear about how your Sagg daughter was received at school and that she feels better in a big city.

Probably the Memphis Five will sue and receive gobs of compensation. Damien hasn't stayed in Arkansas has he? I'm glad to hear that Jason has moved. So both of them are interested in the humanities. That figures...

1:35 PM  

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