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Saturday, December 10, 2011


This seems to be the year of the Pom-Pom in knitting. Not cheerleader types of pom-poms. Serious pom-poms that make you happy in the same way that dandelions do.

I'm trying to figure the reason for this phenomenon according to Astrology.

Unemcumbered by Fashion Sense myself, I've been noticing this weird coincidence between whatever sign Jupiter is in and an obsession with the body part associated with that sign in the current fashion trend. Jupiter changes signs once a year. That's long enough for a fashion trend, too long for many fashion trends. I think that Jupiter is responsible for all things having to do with good taste, but that's because I had a Sagittarius Mother who was fascist about having good taste.

In the knitting fashion world, at least, when Jupiter moved into Pisces all the knitters were making socks. Pisces rules the feet. The inspiration hit when Jupiter hit Neptune in Aquarius and then became a fanatic, weird obsession when Jupiter hit Uranus in Pisces. Sock knitting went global. People were buying sock knitting machines, antiques and modern. All the knitters were traveling long distances to do nothing but make socks with each other on long week-ends. The technologies involved in making socks during that time was unbelievable. It combined multiple cultures, historical scholarship, cabling, multiple toe cast ons, top down, toe up, heels turned in mulitple languages, striping, color combining, lace, yarn spinning and yarn dying. Some people even bought their own alpacas, goats, sheeps, yaks, camels and bison. The yarn came from all over the world. The knitting shops remarked that the recession wasn't touching their business one bit.

One woman even allowed her goat to live in her house...

And then about 9 months ago I heard a knitter say that she was so over socks.

Jupiter moved into Aries last year and that rules the other end of the body. Everyone began to knit hats. Well, people always knit hats. Hats are easier because you only have to make one. But knitters began to make snoods and turbans and whimples and hoodies. Hat Scarves that you could keep your hands warm in. There was even this weird trend toward trying to make bonnets like Little House on the Prairie. The latter was one of the few Jupiterian trends that didn't become popular, Thank God. I actually think that Jupiter may have already moved into Taurus by that point because I associate Taurus with wagon trains more than I do Aries, don't know why. Either way, it's obvious that for a while Jupiter got stuck in that big outer planet t-square with Uranus-Saturn and Pluto and that can snag anyone's yarn if you know what I mean.

But, back when Jupiter was in Sagittarius the lace knitting started to turbo charge. Don't know why, it must be the abstract, mathematical aspect of lace. I keep finding that Fire Signs are somehow connected with lace knitting. They must have good eyesight or something and are able to maintain a positive optimistic attitude about ripping out mistakes. You'd think that Pluto is in there somewhere as well, because of the spider webby kind of thing.

Jupiter in Capricorn brought on the knee warmers and knee socks and muck lucks and big boots. Nobody wants cold knees when Jupiter is in Capricorn. Well, actually, knee socks have been trying to make a comeback ever since Pluto moved into Capricorn, but I guess the Italian mafia keeps getting caught by the police before too many knee joints are removed.

This year, we are yearning for pom-poms. The bigger the better. If you see a skimpy one, that means that the creator ran out of yarn. Hey, we've been going through a longer than usual recession and skimpy is in. We also love tassles and fringes and bobbly things hanging down. It's all hanging around the neck. Some people are walking around looking like they have snow pack all around their necks.

The French are the leaders in fringes and bobbles and pompoms, of course. They know how to wear dangles without looking overdone, they just do.

Taurus, of course, rules the neck. Circular scarves and cowl necks which drewl all the way the front of a person. I saw the directions for one scarf says to knit with 5 strands of yarn on needles the width of broomsticks and to just keep going until the thing is almost too heavy to carry. That certainly sounds like Taurus the earth sign.

Maybe this is why the pompoms? A big pom-pom will droop down the back of the head pointing to the back of the neck. It's psychic protection from backstabbers subconscious thing maybe? Taurus is at the opposite end of Scorpio after all. Wow, what will the French think of next?

An additional note, I think the pompom thing would be more connected with Uranus myself. Uranus is at the beginning of Aries and Uranus rules Whimsy and Whirligigs so of course we want to adorn the head with a surprise. And weird thing about pompoms...as much as you enjoy another person's pompom, you probably won't want to steal it from them. I mean, people don't covet pompoms and that's kind of a Uranian way of thinking, isn't it?

Next year with Jupiter in Gemini, I can only imagine what will be going on with the arms and the mittens.



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