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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Forbes Article on Economic Astrologers

NCGR sent out a link to an awesome article published in Forbes Magazine about Financial Astrology called "Can Planets Affect Your Portfolio?" It's written by Kenneth Rapoza and mentions Grace Morris, Ray Merriman and Robert Gover.

Totally amazing!

I looked at the publish Date and time. Don't know if this is the actual time of publishing. Just wanted to see what was up at Midheaven.

Feb. 20, 2012 3:10 pm I used New York, NY at place

Sun 2 Pisces (H2); Moon 18 Aquarius (H1); ASC 25 Capricorn; MC 25 Libra; NN 11 Sagittarius (H11)

The Chart Ruler is Saturn (Old Established Firms). And Saturn is placed up at the top of the chart in his own house and in conjunction with the Midheaven.

Saturn-Midheaven are trining a stellium in the 2d house of Money: Neptune 1 Pisces-Sun 2 Pisces-Chiron 5 Pisces-Mercury 3 Pisces.

That's some psychic footwork in the Money House being praised by Old Established Firms.

Uranus 3 Aries and Venus 15 Aries are unaspected in the 3d House of journalism. Uranus rules the 2d House and Venus rules the Midheaven and 5th House.

Mars is Rx at 19 Virgo in the 8th House of Other people's money. He is opposing Mercury in the 2d house.

This article links to another article which was published shortly after which mostly explains what an excellent job Grace Morris did in predicting stocks in October, 2011. Article is called "Lucky Guess or Lucky Stars; How Astrologer Beat the Markets." Awe, makes me want to go to UAC. All these guys are going to be speaking. I remember hearing Ray Merriman call the Oil Stocks peak to the day at the last UAC.



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