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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Did the U.S. Give Leftist Latin American Leaders Cancer?

Wow, I hope not. I suspect that the U.S. invented most of the treatments that the Leftist Latin American leaders are getting treated for. Anyway, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has just conjectured out loud that the U.S. probably infected all these leaders with Cancer. I think our Lone Wolves are too busy shooting up the House of Pancakes, the White House, and little kids to bother with infecting Leftist Latin American leaders but I can't be sure. I know that I'm being gang stalked by Mexican, East Indian and others. Wow, Hugo, I'm sorry for your pain, but have to admit you look better with a bald head. I suggest trying Homeopathy and Acupuncture and Macrobiotic Diet. Most Americans go down to Mexico for cures. Maybe sleep on a couple of Aloe Vera leaves for a week.

All the Leftist Latin American leaders have different signs and different types of Cancers so if the U.S. infected them then I guess they tailored the stuff. All the Leaders are just past their 2nd progressed Lunar Returns. Most are about to enter their 2d Saturn Returns. In other words, they're in their 50s and that's when Cancer rates begin to go up.

What they do have in common is placement of Neptune in the sign of Libra. This explains their leftist politics. And they should include listening to music of the Beatles in their therapies. Music is extremely important for this generations' well being. Saturn has just passed over their natal Neptunes which can sap energy. Saturn rules old age. Right now we're having a trine between Saturn and Neptune in the sky. Don't know that that means a hill of beans, you don't really hear astrologers talking about it too much right now. Neptune removes boundaries and Saturn builds boundaries, so obviously there is a disagreement between what both want to do. Trines can lend an ease to the tension so that they might help each other put form into chaos. Trines might also bring out a problem that both these planets can grapple with in that they both can buckle under fear and guilt. These guys all need to do some deep breathing exercises.

What is interesting in connection with Chavez' blame game is that both Libra and Neptune rule enemies. Libra rules open enemies and Neptune rules secret enemies, and poisons and gases and blame.

I'm not real interested in looking at the charts further so I'll list the Leaders and dates below. I wish everyone rapid and full recovery and freedom from suffering.

Cancer in Astrology, I suspect, is ruled by the Moon/CAncer and Pluto/Scorpio but I haven't even looked that up. The Houses related to Health are (as far as I know) the 6th House of Daily Health Habits, the 12th House of Chronic Health Problems and the 1st House of the Physical Body.

I'm not in any way whatsoever a Health Astrologer so my investigations here are kindergarten.

Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, Colon Cancer which has erupted into Pelvis, gad I'm totally cringing right now thinking about how that must be.

Colon Cancer ruled by Virgo, Mercury.

b. July 28, 1954 4:00 am Sabaneta, Venezuela

Sun 5 Leo; ASC 7 Cancer; Moon 15 Cancer; MC ; NN

Christina Fernandez, President of , Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid Cancer rules by Gemini, Mercury

b. February 19, 1953 12:15 pm

Sun 1 Pisces; Moon 18 Taurus; ASC 12 Taurus; MC ; NN

Fernando Lugo, President of Paraguay, Non-Hodkins Lymphoma, Blood Cancer

Blood Cancer, Blood ruled by Jupiter?

b. May 30, 1951 (unknown, 12:00 pm) San Solano, Paraguay

Sun 9 Gemini; Moon Aries; NN

Dilma Rousseff, President of Brazil, Lymphatic Cancer

Lymphatic Cancer ruled by Pisces, Neptune

b. Dec. 14, 1947 Belo Horinzonte, Brazil

Sun 22 Sagittarius; Moon Capricorn

Luiz Inaciolula, previous President of Brazil, Throat Cancer

Throat is ruled by Taurus, Venus

b. Oct. 27, 1945 Caetes Garanhuns, Brazil

Sun 4 Scorpio; Moon Cancer or Leo; NN 2 Cancer

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