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Sunday, January 15, 2012

9 Seconds on the Clock

Go Niners!

The Bay Area Football Team, the 49ers, managed to save their game yesterday against the Saints, 9 seconds before the end of the game. Player Alex Smith threw to Vernon Davis. I think the Saints play for New Orleans. You can tell how much I know about football. The astrology is amazing in some respects so I'm just going to list a couple of coincidental patterns I see and hopefully there will be a sports astrologer out there who will look at the charts.

The cash register guy at the Starbucks told me all about it. He said that this type of event has only happened 4 times before. I was able to google 2 previous events when a similar game occurred, and they all involved the 49ers. I should go back and ask the guy what that all means before publishing, but you know me, I'm a little scary with the publish button.

Amazing how all 3 events have a lot of tension between planets in Libra to Aries. A little Venus to Mars rulership action sure does bring up the Relationship Axis on the Astrological Wheel. Aries represents the throwing and Libra represents the Catching and the Axis keeps them both in strong relationship.

Aries points seem to be consistently involved in the charts. I don't have times for the events because I don't watch football but I seem to remember people screaming their heads off at around 4:30-5:00 yesterday afternoon so that is the time that I am using for the charts. So, take it for granted that the times I'm using for the charts are wrong, and also the places and the players.

One thing I noticed that this seems to happen when some of the outer planets seem to have just changed signs.

Sun in Capricorn squares Saturn in Libra in two of the charts. Saturn rules delays so this could account for the end of the game surprise. The other chart has Sun in Libra squaring Neptune in Capricorn (c. Uranus in Aquarius). The fact that this happens during Saturn in Libra Returns is interesting. Libra makes it easier to relate to others, though, so it makes sense that there would be some pretty amazing passes during these transits.

This seems to be connected with Uranus entering a new sign. Check out the early degree placements in the charts. Uranus rules surprises, teamwork, and crowds, and generation of hope for the future. Uranus changed signs between Aquarius and Pisces at end of 2003/beginning of 2004 but don't see a football event like this. Maybe Pisces just isn't into Football which would be why I've known so many of them in my life.

The Catch, 49 ers against Dallas Cowboys
Joe Montana, Gemini, to Dwight Clark, Capricorn

Jan. 10, 1982, San Francisco

Sun 21 Capricorn; Cancer Rising?; Moon 7 Leo; NN 23 Cancer Rx; Saturn 22 Libra c. Pluto 27 Libra

Uranus 4 Sagittarius

The Catch 2 49 ers against ??
Steve Young, Libra, throws to Terrell Owens, Sagittarius

Oct. 20, 1996 San Francisco, CA?

Sun 28 Libra; Pisc Rising?; Moon 15 Aquarius; NN 7 Libra

Uranus 1 Aquarius

The Grab

Alex Smith, Taurus, threw to Vernon Davis, Aquarius

Jan 14, 2012 4:30? San Francisco, CA

Sun 25 Capricorn; ASC 17 Cancer : Moon 7 Libra : NN 13 Sagittarius Rx

Uranus 2 Aries

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