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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Who Loves the Future, Baby? California Agriculture

February 2 wasn't just Ground Hog's Day. In California it was "Wonderful World of Agriculture Day." On February 2, Governor Jerry Brown appointed an Organic Farmer to head, get this, the Department of Pesticide Regulation.

Brian Leahy was previously the Assistant Director of the California Department of Conservation. From 2000-2004 he was Executive Director of the California Certified Organic Farmers. Now he is Head of the Department of Pesticide Regulation. Brian Leahy is an organic farmer! And he can do politics!

Neptune has just moved into its own sign of Pisces and is just a few degrees away from having an exact Neptune Return in the natal chart for California. California's Sun is in Virgo (Sept. 9, 1850) and that opposes the sign of Pisces (not an opposition, though, because degrees are too far apart). If you're a control freak a Sun-Neptune opposition can be the transit from hell. Neptune just sort of makes sure you don't know what is going on for a few years. Then you wake up and look back and say, What the Hell just happened?

So, I thought we were all just going to have to succumb to the situations which are looking pretty dire. But, there you go. Wonders never cease (especially when you've got good leadership).

Neptune also rules hypersensitivity. The Neptunians will be the first to feel the poisons. They will also be more concerned for the welfare of others. And Neptune knows how to get what it wants, but through mellow means... and that does sound like California style.

I think that the Uranus-Pluto square is also an extremely strong influence here. Both of these planets create change, usually catastrophic change. Scary change that requires heroic adaptation. Pluto works from the underground and Uranus works from the Lightening Flash. They pull and zap at the same time and our knees get a little creaky. We can't really see them coming the way we can see Saturn crap coming. We don't necessarily feel like their experiences made us stronger.

Together Uranus and Pluto can be a PTSD diagnosis 20 years down the road. But, in this case, not only are we about to go through a Neptune Return, but we are going through a Ceres Return and Ceres has been in conjunction with Uranus! (It was a close one degree orb on February 2.) Ceres rules Farming! Ceres wants to make things grow. Ceres is a Goddess and she likes getting help from Uranus and Pluto when the tomatoes begin to taste like acid and the cantaloupe tastes like wax. On February 2, Ceres was at 5 Aries in conjunction with Uranus at 1 Aries. They were squared by Pluto at (oops didn't write it down) ___ Capricorn. Oh, wherever Pluto was.

Governor Brown is an Aries. Capricorn is Governance. Uranus shocks the shit out of everyone. Wonder what Leahy's sign is, of course, but couldn't find it. When we're relaxed we can see that Uranus represents Hopes and Wishes and the Future. And this so makes me love the future.

Virgo and Cancer also rule farming. Cancer, ruler of environment and home, has been at the empty leg of that long Cardinal Sign t-square totally needing to be represented.

Mars was at 21 Virgo was facing this extra long transit through that sign. It hadn't started moving Retrograde yet. So all things that Virgo rules, like jobs, service, public health, health habits, diet, hygiene, etc. will receive the benefits of extra attention.

Virgo's ruler, Mercury, was at 23 Sagittarius in a wide conjunction with The North Node at 15 Sagittarius. The Moon at Noon on February 2 was in Gemini. We got a new way of thinking (Gemini). We're getting new rules to play by (Sagittarius).

Like, Wow, Dudes!

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