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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Hey Phil! What do you think about Global Warming?

Everybody's favorite groundhog, Punxsatawney Phil, saw his shadow this morning so that means we can expect 6 more weeks of Winter. Good. That'll keep everyone indoors until the Mars retrograde is over. I don't know how Phil could see his shadow because supposedly it was cloudy and he had no shadow. Thought I'd look at the chart to see if I could divine what the hell he was actually looking at.

Punxsatawney Phil Sees Shadow, 6 more weeks of Winter
Feb. 2, 2012 7:25 am Punxsatawney, Philadelphia

Sun 14 Aquarius; Moon 9 Gemini; ASC 12 Aquarius; MC 2 Sagittarius; NN 12 Sagittarius Rx

Well, with the Sun conjunct the Ascendant Phil was certainly in the limelight. Actually, that would mean that the photography lights and the flashes from the cameras were probably in his little eyes. With Neptune c. Chiron in Pisces, however, we can expect that not only was he spooked by all the attention, his prediction will be spot on accurate. Pisces very psychic. Aquarius not bad either.

Mars in Virgo rules household pets. It was in the 7th House so maybe Phil is actually indicated in the chart by the 7th House. I get this stuff all mixed up. Mars opposing Venus in Pisces so some lady's Estee Lauder probably setting off his allergies.

I just thought of something. Punxsatawney, Pennsylvania is where Phil lives in his hole. But, I was wondering if Phil got his first name from Philadelphia. Get it? Phil? Philadelphia? Are the two towns close together? Do I really have to Google it and then suffer trying to make another link?

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