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Sunday, January 08, 2012

"1957-J-No. 2" Gets Lap Dance

A drunk tattoo artist went into the Clyfford Still Museum in Denver, Colorado, pulled down her pants, and had what sounds like sexual relations with one of Clyfford Still's paintings, a 9 1/2 by 12 foot abstraction in Red, Black, White and Yellow that was created in 1957.

You can read about it over at the Denver Post.

Our Lady of the Taboo is currently 36 years old, suffers from alcoholism, and, has done what I wanted to do every time I saw a Clyfford Still painting. And although I know what she did is wrong, taboo as it were and pretty damn rude, I can't help but feel awestruck. Still's paintings are the best representations of American spirit I can think of.

Maybe Age of Aquarius will only allow robots to get crazy. It's too difficult to do stuff like this whilst sober and medicated and spied on by spy cams and cell phones and traffic cams and computer hackers from foreign countries who can get away with being here just because the mob brought them over and now I even read that the police are using the drones to catch people in North Dakota.

As I said, Clyfford Still painted Freedom, the old time U.S. spirit. He was a Sagittarius. And his masterpiece just got peed on, 10,000 dollars worth. (We only think in terms of dollars now, either because we have too much or we don't have any or both).

The event chart for this crime/performance art piece is:

Dec. 29, 2011. 3:30 pm. Denver, Colorado

Sun 8 Capricorn; Moon 12 Pisces; Asc 22 Gemini; MC 28 Aquarius; Nn 14 Sagittarius

I'm sort of wondering why Neptune in Aquarius didn't act out sooner. The planet of chaos in the sign of weirdness. Last degree, last regrets, I guess.

I don't have Carmen Tisch's birth date. Thank God, as if she doesn't have enough to worry about right now, she could have me fiddling around with her planetary placements. All I know is that Sobriety sucks until you get to her advanced level of intoxication.

Tisch is 36 years old which means she's heading into her 2d Nodal Return. The Nodes represent Life Path/Destiny, or something close to thatso she is at an age which maybe is connected with reassessing one's purpose in life and why one has or hasn't made it yet, same as what happens right before one turns 19.

Interesting that the event chart shows the Nodal Axis crossing the ASC/DESC angle. Over at the Descendant, The North Node was conjunct both that angle and the chart ruler, Mercury. Still was a Sagittarius in early degrees so his natal Sun would have just passed over the Descendant/NN/Mercury conjunction.

Neptune, planet of boundarilessness and superconsciousness, often connected with Artists (but not really in Still's chart), and whatever else you call things you can't possibly understand in one lifetime, was conjunct the Midheaven. That's the other angle on the Astrology Wheel and so is another significant placement.

Appropriately, I found this quote made by Clyfford Still over at Wikipedia:

"It's intolerable to be stopped by a frame's edge."

I told you he was a Sadge. They don't like being hemmed in.

And, yeah, the booze helps in Carmen Tisch's case.

When hooking up Clyfford Still's natal chart to the event chart we see all kinds of interesting connections with the planet Pluto. Pluto rules Sex, Death and all that is Taboo and cant' be spoken about. Pluto rules magneticism and the occult. It's the higher octave of Mars so instead of chasing the way that Mars does it draws you in and makes you confront the Devil. Pluto rules the Human Will. And Human Will is what Human creativity is all about.

Still's natal Pluto was at 21 Gemini so was rising at the time of his painting's interaction with an admirer. That means that it was in conjunction with the Ascendant and South Node of the event chart.

Since the ASC/DESC show the compulsion for human relations I suppose this would be a great time for a dead man's soul to break out of the underworld and enjoy a little one on one with the good looking girl staring at your painting. Too bad she had to hit and scratch it. I think she also slid down it. Why wasn't anybody taking a video of this event? God, the only thing that ever gets photographed anymore are mass shootings.

Still's Natal Node Axis was squaring the transiting Axis-ASC/DESC pole as well. Maybe he was thinking he could reincarnate this way? Weird.

Anyways, Still's natal Neptune was also being pulled out from its proverbial grave as there was a tight opposition from the Sun and Pluto on this day as well. Natal Neptune is at 8 Cancer. Transiting Sun c. Neptune opposing From 8 Capricorn. Neptune and Pluto are strongly connected with psychic experience so I sort of wonder what actually was going on in that museum from a psychic realm point of view. Noel Tyl does describe Neptune-Pluto connections as "Wipe Outs." In this case, it seems that it was more of a scratch out. Oh, and Tisch was so drunk she managed to wet what would have been her pants had she been wearing them.

Clyfford Still
b. Nov. 30, 1904 North Dakota

Sun 9 Sagittarius; Moon Virgo; NN 15 Virgo

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