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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

There were three pit bull attacks in salinas, California on Saturday morning. Take that, westminster dog show.

Seriously, very very seriously, I wanted to see if I could see anything in the charts that could show a cause. The Monterey county herald article is here: http://www.montereyherald.com/ci_20064947/pit-bull-attacks-common-animal-control-officers-say?source=most_viewed.

Hmmm. Where to start. The moon was in conjunction with Venus in Aries. perhaps that's a signature for macho dogs who are looking for companionship.

So, why were such dangerous animals roaming Loose around neighborhoods? Saturn represents restraints and restrictions. Saturn is on the last degree of libra and trining Neptune, planet of the wilderness. Neptune is angular in the first house in conjunction with the sun and Chiron. Saturn is up in the 9th house of freedom loving Sagittarius. Answer to that is...

The sun-Neptune-Chiron conjunction is just about to rise over the ascendant at 5:30 when the first pit bull attacked another pit bull. Uranus was ruling this chart, 3aries in h3.

This conjunction is in the 12th house when the 2dpit bull attacked a woman who was out walking her dog at 7:40 am. Neptune was ruling this chart. 1pisces in the 12th house.

Sun-Neptune-Chiron was in the 10th house when a pit bull attacked a chihuahua at 11:30 am. Mercury was ruling this chart. Mercury was at 21 Pisces up in the 10th house.

So that conjunction is up in the quadrant that means something which I can't ever remember. Something about being very social and doing your own thing. Yeah, sounds about right.

The Pisces energy might indicate that poisoning might be involved which made the dogs crazy. Salinas is a farming community and there may have been some spraying that settled into the drinking water.

Oppositions often describe relationship issues and the only opposition on Saturday morning was mercury in pisces opposing mars Rx in Virgo. Inner planetary balancing act. Mercury rules household pets through rulership of Virgo and mars disposits to mercury and is retrograde.

Mars in Virgo could also show that the police were extra busy that morning. And mars rules weaponry which is what these dogs are.

Sorry about capitalization problems. I'm on iPad and only people who this blogs are gang stalkers who hack and sramble everything anyway.

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