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Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Equinox 2012

Is it the Equinox or the Solstice? Doesn't matter. California didn't have a Winter really. It was more like menopause. The trees bloomed before the leaves fell of the trees. Wonder what the nuts and fruits will look like this year. ( Hahah, California joke.)

So, Spring, Summer, Meth, Pot. It's all the same. Neptune's in Pisces. Sun is at the beginning of the wheel looking to start up a whole new year. Action before Detox. You never know you have a problem until after you've driven your car off a cliff?

Spring Equinox
Mar. 20, 2012 1:27 am Washington, DC

Sun 1 Aries; Moon 3 Pisces; ASC 15 Sagittarius; MC 4 Libra; NN 9 Sagittarius

This Equinox is special because it features the Grand Trine of Mars 8 Virgo RX to Jupiter 11 Taurus to Pluto 10 Capricorn. This has lasted a long time because Mars is RX and moving slowly. Good News about the recession. Pluto is in the 1st house so somebody's going to tell the rest of us that they have the power to transform us. In Capricorn, though. They could become ruthlessly ruthless. Or old, decrepit and kind. Or both, which is always confusing and leads to Uranian revolts and things.

Mercury and Mars are featured in this chart because they are both Retrograde. So, whatever Retrogrades of personal planets mean to you is what this chart is all about. Merc and Mars are also in mutual reception with each other. Could be a cesspool of the past coming back to bite you. Or, finally, you get to bite back. Mars 8 Virgo Rx will be in 9th House for the Wash DC chart. This features work forces from other countries and the lawyers, religions, international relations, which make life better for them than it does for the locals. It could also affect transportation in some way, especially with the chart's Moon-Neptune in H3 as well (Neptune rules Gas and Oil).

Mercury and Mars working together rule the brain and the thinking and the cognitive processes. Whatever you were doing for the first two years of your life, this will have a subconscious impact of how you handle this solstice.equinox.global warming thing. Because that's when your Fine and Gross motor skills were developing.

Mercury is RX in Aries and in conjunction with the Sun and Uranus at the bottom of the chart. Maybe we'll find out what's at the center of the earth for once and for all. Don't stick your finger in the socket, that's all I'm saying. Electrocution could be a big deal. The conjunction of Mercury to Uranus will last an extra long time because of Mercury's Retrograde. This energy will last until April 22 when these planets will be in conjunction at 7 Aries for the last time this year. That certainly looks like earthquakes to me, but Mercury Rx might put a hold on it.

Wonder if all these Solar Flairs might actually do some damage. Anything's better than all this media overkill. And a scientist might actually perfect his prediction techniques.

Fortunately, there's a Presidential election coming up so the candidates can insult the crap out of each other and this might have a cathartic effect on the rest of us. Either way, words are going to spark. Personally, I think I might get sick watching Mitt Romney and Barack Obama verbally spar because neither one of them is capable of verbal abuse. Which might be the problem. I mean, is this election totally bogus, or what? Mitt Romney is Mormon. Mormon's spend a great deal of their lives preparing for the end of the world. They hoard supplies in their houses. What would it be like if a Mormon were to become President in 2012 which has so much doomsday prophecy stuff. The earth is going to align with the Galactic Center. Venus is going to end her freaky 8 year stint in Gemini. The Arabs might be able to get their countries back. Or they might seek revenge. Pluto in 1st house might want to sabotage and seek revenge.

Okay, so Venus and Neptune in this chart are both in the signs that they rule. That's great for doing art and shooting up. I'd advice investing in new sun tanning lotion inventions and WD-40 and KY Jelly because grease and lubricant is going to be everywhere. Things might flow, or people might be in denial about how they can't flow when everyone is so in denial. At any rate, I like Art and this is great for the Artists. Or for the plagiarists. Ew, and maybe Rick Santorum will be the one who actually wins the primaries. You know, because of what his name means and all. Sorry, had to say it, a friend posted something on Facebook which almost made me throw up. Everyone in San Francisco was "liking" it though.

Moon will be in conjunction with Neptune and Chiron in the 3d House. This means that nobody is going to be honest but everyone is going to be believable.

This chart actually shows a lot of easy going stuff. Nothing is in signs of fall or detriment. Sun and Saturn is in exhaltation. Venus and Neptune are in rulership. Mercury and Mars in mutual reception. There's a t-square between Mars and the Nodes and the Moon-Neptune. All these people in the news who are wigging out because of personal problems might be getting a little HappyHappy from big pharmaceutical, along with brain damage, of course, on account of the Mercury-Mars stuff. So moody, moody in a mutable sign way. Your neighbors aren't who you think they are, but maybe there will be something good on TV.

The Sun rules this chart from the 3d house right down at the IC. Big Media might come back. If I set the ASC correctly it is at 15 Sagittarius which seems to always bring on an Arab attack. This is important because Venus is finishing up the last part of her 8 year cycle in conjunction with the Sun and I think that will be around 14-15 Gemini. That's where the SAturn-Pluto opposition was on 911.

I forgot what the astrolocality lines were doing because I looked at the Supermoon coming up on April 6. The Uranus MC line runs right through the Bay Area for the Supermoon chart. Uranus rules Earthquakes. In the Washington DC Supermoon chart the Sun-Moon opposition between 18 Aries and 18 Libra are in Houses 8 and 2, respectively. In the California Supermoon charts this full moon is crossing the H4-10 angles. That might be earthquakey. It's earthquake season in Northern California, cardinal signy. The Hayward fault might wait until Saturn is in Scorpio, though. Uranus rules technology and crowds and freaky stuff as well, so it doesn't have to be bad. The illegals apparently have set up their own underground communication system to take over the earth. Maybe Obama will hire Jerry Brown to fill in or something. Anyway, Surprise!

The Full Moon lines, ie Sun and Moon will be passing thorugh Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Montana.

Saturn IC will move through Texas. For some reason there's always a Saturn line running through Texas. WTF.

By the time of the Supermoon, The big happy Grand Earth Trine between Mars in Virgo, Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn will give way to a Grand Square between Mars in Virgo, Venus in Gemini, Neptune-Chiron in Pisces and the Nodal Axis. Oooo, Stock Market go down?

There are 3 Supermoons right in a row. So, be sure to read Richard Nolle's predictions over there at Astropro.

April 6, 2012 3:27 pm Wash DC

Sun 18 Aries; Moon 18 Libra; ASC 28 Leo?; NN 8 Sagittarius



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