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Monday, May 13, 2013

I will always love you

A passenger turned an American Airlines jet into a virtual KooKoo Clock and got bumped off the flight last week. The passenger, a woman, apparently couldn't stop singing Whitney Houston songs on the cross country flight from los angeles to new york. American Airlines decided to set the flight down in Kansas. There's a video of the police trying to walk her off the plane while the passengers try to film the incident with their cell phones and the stewardess tells everyone that no pictures will be allowed off the plane. Too late. Here's the article. The police in kansas manage to never crack a giggle throughout the entire affair. Maybe there aren't any geminis on the Kansas police force. Either way, they are massive professionals. There's a wizard of oz joke in here somewhere I just can't think of it right now. Anyway, this reminded me of where I had lunch today. I was at one of those buffet places which are guaranteed to give you diabetes. The lady sitting next to me was having her birthday and the employees beckoned us all to sing "Happy Birthday." And you know how tuneless that can be. I watched the birthday girl wince and suddenly realized how much worse this probably is for a Taurus. Taurus rules the voice and is known to speak and sing with sonorous sound, unlike the rest of us who were belching out the lyrics over jello cubes and cheesy potatoes and some sort of story fry I don't know I didn't try it. I think buffet food just doesn't lend itself to resonance. I tried to look up the flight to check the astrology. Hope I've got the right flight. If not, sorry. American Airlines flight 4 Depart lax May 9, 2013. 12:00 pm Scheduled to arrive JFK, ny, ny, at 8:40 pm Diverted to Kansas via the yellow brick road ( ha, put one in there , sorry) You will notice on the video that The lady is singing "I will always love you." Hey, it's a classic and it has a positive message even though it does sound a little more like heavy metal in this case. What we see here for this flight is a new moon in Taurus. O no! Omigod! It was an eclipse. Somebody call Celeste teal. The rising sign for the flight was Leo. No shit. And it disposits to the solar eclipse. No better place to feel eclipsed than Kansas. I'm only kidding, I loved Lawrence, Kansas when I was there. I was told to shut up about the election in salina. I think the really cool pig farm was in Missouri, but that's another story. This eclipse is placed up in the 9th house. Nobody likes a show tune like the good old 9th house, sadge, let me tell ya. You know the lady was drunk and working off some sort of anxiety. The eclipse is in conjunction with mercury and mars which indicates impulsive need to express ones self. Although Taurus isn't often known for going off the beam, sun-moon-mercury-mars-sn conjunctions are. The Taurus part just naturally yearbs to do a Barbara Streisand (taurus) / whitney houston (leo) thing. I mean, when you think about it, what better audience than a plane load of people? What else do all those people have to do for all those long boring hours on the airplane flight? Since the woman was a woman, Venus was the first planet I looked at in the chart. Venus rules women and taurus, and has just moved into Gemini along with Jupiter. They are both unaspected so are just off doing their own thing in the chart. 10th house gets ambitious to do something cool before the public. And then there's Saturn, planet which shows where we might tend to fall. Saturn, at the time that the flight was scheduled to take off was in Scorpio and exactly conjunct the Ic which is the bottom of the chart. Grounded. That indicates the whole thing with the fire Marshall and the stopover at the pig farm. No wait, that was Missouri, not Kansas. At any rate, this lady's taking the Lewis and Clark trail to New York, that's for sure. Haha, didn't Kristin wiig make a movie about this a couple of years ago? I think she's a Taurus, wouldn't that be a kicker?


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