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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Not A Word

I tend to not like words that end in "y" and "ie". This is a trait I learned from my ever tasteful Sagittarius Mother who pulled me out of a foot doctors office totally offended that the doctor recommend that I wear my "tennies" rather than "tennis shoes."  The word I'm having my big beef with these days is the word "yummy". "Yummy" is used way too much, even by grown men, when referring to food that is delectable.   But, something about that word just makes me want to spew. I began to wonder about its etymology.  Under what hellish aspect was this word created?  Because of my Sagittarius Mothers reaction to the foot doctor I assumed that not a single planet would be in Sagittarius.  I assumed there would be some sloppy immature moon or Venus thing going on.  Maybe an insecure Saturn problem?  Well, well, well.  Wonders never cease and could I not have been wronger?

According to whatever online word origin dictionary I looked it up on "yummy" was created in 1899. Both Saturn and Uranus, even Chiron, were in Sagittarius that year. Neptune and Pluto were in the opposite sign of Gemini.  Something great would be expected in the world of words, communications and publishing. Not this. Not "yummy." Well, it's a long lived word considering how creepy it is. I'll say that for it.  At the end of the year there was a conjunction of mercury (words), Venus (tolerance), mars (rashness), Saturn (exhaustion), and north node (destiny). This opposed Neptune (delusion) in Gemini (words).  That's it. A severe depression cause by the Saturn-Neptune opposition created a word that sounds like slobber.

In response to my research I began to wonder about the word "yuck."  "Yuck" does not bother me at all. It rolls straight off my tongue, rather, up out of my throat. An honest word meaning disgust.  According to the online etymology dictionary yuck was probably created in the mid 60s.  This is when both Uranus and Pluto were in Virgo, the sign of criticism and digestive complaints.  Apparently one possible origin comes out of Newfoundland where yuck was created to describe vomit in 1963.  Don't ask me how they trace this stuff. All I know is I like it so I'm apt to believe it.

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