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Friday, August 18, 2006

Anna Taylor Diggs

Yesterday, on August 17, 1906, a U.S. District Court Judge in Detroit, Michigan made the first ruling against the legality of the National Security Administration's Terrorist Spying Program saying that it violates the Constitution in a number of places and a 1978 law requiring court warrants for electronic surveillance related to terrorism or espionage. Who was the Judge on this case? Another Sagg! Pluto really has been empowering them and bringing them out to the forefront!

Anna Taylor Diggs b. December 9, 1932 Washington DC

Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius. Noontime chart shows 11 Taurus for her Moon.

A big stand out in this chart is the configuration involving the Nodes, South Node in Virgo and North Node in Pisces, a great placement for a service oriented person and Civil Rights Judge. She can use analytical abilities learned in previous lives to show compassion and wisdom to others in this lifetime. If the placement of the Moon is anywhere close to the noontime chart, these nodes are involved with the planets in a Mystic Rectangle, a formation combining sextiles, trines and oppositions in a way in which they can use harmonious and balancing energies to work together to solve tensions.

Justice Diggs' natal Mars and Neptune are conjunct her South Node. Neptune rules the sign of her North Node and they both square Mercury the sign ruling her South Node. This shows possession of great energy that combines communication skills (especially when expressing one's opinion: Sagittarius)to bring about action (Mars) and compassion (Neptune) in service towards others (Virgo). Being on the South Node indicates that she has done this in many previous lifetimes. This combination is highly energized by a triple whammy dose of Mars as both transiting and progressed Mars are conjunct natal Mars-Neptune-SN and transiting Uranus (revolution, human rights) and progressed Mercury are both conjunct the Justice's North Node.

To further emphasize this opposition, Venus the planet of love and diplomacy is sextiling the Mars-Neptune-SN and trining the North Node natally. And, by transit, is also heavily aspected by the current T-Square of Jupiter (conjunct) square Saturn opposition Neptune. Venus is at 16 Scorpio.


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