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Friday, August 25, 2006

You've Gotta Have Heart...

Another "Medical Marathon" I've read about also involved children. Three heart transplants were performed by the same Surgeon, Dr. Bruce Reitz, at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital on August 3-4, 2006.

Dr. Reitz performed the first successful Double Lung-Heart transplant on March 9, 1981 starting at 8:30pm in Palo Alto, CA. A friend of mine waits until the Moon is in a Mutable Sign before transplanting her planets. She especially likes a Pisces Moon. She says it's easier for the roots to adjust to their new pot. Maybe this applies to humans as well as the Sun here is in Pisces (Pluto conjunct ASC trining Mercury, inconjunct Sun-Mars on 6th house cusp).

My Medical Astrology experience is very basic and I'm just hoping to find some kind of pattern here with the Event Chart for the 3 heart transplants. Dr. Deitz is such a fine surgeon that I figured that he is somehow astrologically drawn to beneficial dates for surgeries. In reality he could obviously turn any date into a beneficial surgery.

Aug. 3, 2006, Palo Alto, CA: Sun in Leo rules the Heart and Children. Leo is a Fixed sign, not mutable but it does describe the "subject matter" very well. The Moon for the first Surgery is also in a Fixed Sign, Scorpio, which rules surgery and emergency surgery in particular. Pluto in Sagittarius squaring the Nodes describes mutable energy, however, and surgery in particular (Pluto). Sun (Vitality) conjunct Saturn (chronic conditions) opposite Neptune (drugs, transplants). Mars in Leo (Heart, Mars=Cutting, strong vitality) opposite Uranus (electrical, nervous system) in Aquarius. Venus-Mercury conjunction in Cancer (children, caring). Mercury (manual dexterity) was inconjunct (health issues, adjustment) Pluto (surgeons). For the beginning of the first surgery the Moon is at 25 Scorpio just past the square to the Sun, the culminating light toward the Full Moon is supposed to be beneficial for surgery. Scorpio rules surgery. At the End of the last surgery the Moon was at 16 Sagittarius conjunct the Sagittarius Pluto and trining the Sun-Saturn conjunction in the 6th house. It was squaring the Uranus-Mars opposition on the ASC/DESC. Release, excitement, jublilation for career achievement. Neither Mars nor Mercury is retrograde and all planets have multiple aspects through most of the time period so their energies are balanced and flowing.
Here's a list of the times for the surgeries quoted from page 5 of The Examiner Independent, Tuesday, August 15, 2006.

First Transplant: 5:00 am a Match was found for a 5-year-old boy. He comes out of surgery at 12:00 pm.
ASC: 26 Cancer; Moon 25 Scorpio.
Mercury and Venus conjunct the Ascendant from the 12th house and trine the Chart ruler, the Moon in Scorpio which is in the 5th house, Leo's house.
Grand Water Trine with North Node in Pisces.

Second Transplant: a match is found sometime before noon on the same day for a 6-year-old girl. She Goes into surgery at 5 pm and comes out at 11 pm.
ASC 22 Sagittarius, Moon at 0 Sagittarius.
Pluto conjunct Ascendant squaring Mars in Leo.
Sun-Saturn trining Ascendant from House 8.
Chart Ruler, Jupiter, in H11 squaring the Chiron-Saturn opposition and in a Grand Trine with Venus-Mercury in H7 and Uranus in H3.

Third Transplant: A match is found for a 2 year old boy at 2:30 am, August 4. He goes into surgery at 2:30 pm and comes out at 9:30 pm.
ASC 22 Scorpio, Moon at 13 Sagittarius, Moon in 1st house.
ASC trining H8 Venus-Mercury and squaring Neptune opposite Saturn-Sun intercepted in H3 and H9.
Ruler Pluto in 2d house squaring the Nodes.
Aries rules 5th house, ruler Mars in H10 opposite Uranus and squaring Moon. This is the 3d surgery for this little boy, hope this one takes.

End of Surgery: August 4, 2006 9:30pm Palo Alto, CA
ASC 13 Pisces; Moon 16 Sagittarius.
1st House: Uranus c. ASC opposite Mars squaring Pluto-Moon conjunct MC (Sagittarius). Also, North Node in H1 trining Venus/Mercury in H5 which are inconjunct Moon-Pluto-MC in Sagittarius.
ASC trining Jupiter in H8; squaring Moon-Pluto-MC in Sagittarius; trining Venus-Mercury in H5; inconjunct Sun-Saturn in H6.
Ruler of Chart is Neptune placed in its own house 12 opposite Sun-Saturn in H6 and sextile-trine Moon-Pluto-MC.



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