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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Craig Newmark

Craig Newmark created Craigslist.org, the humungous Classified Ad Heaven on the Internet. Although Craigslist is so successful that it is now worth Billions of Dollars, Mr. Newmark refuses to turn it into a Capitalistic enterprise. He refuses to be greedy. What the Hell is the matter with Craig Newmark?

Craig Newmark
b. Dec. 6, 1952 Morristown, NJ

Okay, for one he's a Sagittarius (gregarious spendthrift) possibly with a Leo Moon (generous nurturer).

For Greed I suppose one would look to Saturn, maybe Venus, maybe Moon. Craig's Saturn is conjunct Neptune in Libra. Neptune in Libra brought us the flower children; with Saturn conjuncting it one might become a dour child but still yearn for, and even giving a structural business sense to peace and love and harmony for all. In Craig's case, this conjunction is in a t-square; it's squaring an oppostion of Venus in Capricorn to Uranus in Cancer. Well, Venus and Uranus are very exciting, very kind-hearted when working together. They should never be allowed to enter the conservative signs of Capricorn and Cancer, or, on second thought, they are just what these two stodgy signs need for balance. The combination brings out the nurturing side of the Cancer/Capricorn.

Secondly, Craig's North Node is in Aquarius, his Soul's mission is to work for humanity through rebellious change, especially with Mars in conjunction with it. Aquarius rules the Internet and in connection with Mars it rules Technology. On one side the Sun in Sagittarius is sextiling/trining the Nodes. One the other side Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius is squaring the Nodes. The Moon may be conjunct Craig's South Node.

His Mercury is also very interesting. It's Retrograde in Sagittarius and unaspected which gives it super prominence in some sort of uncomfortable Mercury type way. He claims that he is very nerdy. A successful, nerdy techie. I don't know exactly when he started Craigslist except that it was in 1995 sometime. Pluto was just passing over his Mercury. Jupiter was passing over his Sun in Sagg which it rules, Luck and Optimism (and about to repeat again next year). Expansive Jupiter rules all things International and Craigslist is now connecting rentals, jobs and psychotic lovers the World over. Also, very interesting that Neptune, Uranus and his progressed Sun were hovering over his natal Venus at the same time.

Thanks Craig! You're the Best!



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