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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Opening Bell

Generally when the Stock Market opens at 9:30am the Sun is in the 11th House. Here's a good story about the ego and celebrity of being able to ring the opening bell: http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/75/openingbell.html.

Keywords for 11th house are: Hopes, Dreams, Friends, Groups, Detachment, Independent, Inventive, Sociable and Extroverted, Impersonal, Unbiased, Freedom Loving. This can be seen in the way business is conducted, especially in the United States.

The Eleventh House is the last of the "Resource" Houses. The 2d House represents Values and Money one has in the Bank. The 5th House represents Risks and Gambling, the games that one will play with one's money. The 8th House represents other people's money such as Loans, Insurance, Credit, Taxes. The 11th House is never really discussed in relation to its actual relationship to money (until now). It represents the resources of groups and friends. You can't get anything done without all those connections to other people. You can't make a mint off of hard work alone, you have to play off the hysterical reactions of the masses. A college friend of mine became a Stockbroker and he told me you need money in order to make money in the Stock Market. 11th House represents the last of the Resource Houses. Once you've lost your shirt here, the wheel spins back down and you have to pick up at 2d House endeavors, i.e. Hard Labor. Well, actually, I've never seen a Bull do much of anything except sit around and chew grass all day but certain men I've known have assured me that the Bull has the hard job on the farm.

At the Closing Bell, the Sun will generally be in the 8th House, another Resource House. Good way to end a day on the Stock Market with the Sun in the House in which it rules. Just make sure there are no other planets within or in hard aspect to the Sun when it arrives.



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