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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Abigail Lynn Woods

I'm obsessed with babies in the news whose birth seems exceptional or the events just after birth are exceptional and I wonder if the eclipses in Virgo/Pisces in addition to transiting Pluto squaring the Nodes has anything to do with this.

There's a story about Abigail Woods, a newborn, who was abducted a couple of weeks ago. A strange woman came up to the door and slashed Abigail's mother's throat, stabbing her in numerous spots on her body. She did this in front of the woman's other child and then stole the baby. Abigail was recognized by one of the abductor's relatives when they went to the doctor. The abductor had covered up a birthmark on the baby's forehead with some make-up and the relative noticed and reported it.

Abigail Lynn Woods

Born Sept. 8, 2006 Union, Missouri

Abducted from Home 9/15/06

Returned to police 9/19/06 5pm

Look at the Pluto square Nodes transit that is occurring in the sky right now. It's set off prominently by yesterday's Solar Eclipse at the end of Virgo.

Natally: The Nodes are prominently aspected. Moon conjunct or close to conjunct the North Node. Moon = Mother, Family, Birth. Mercury(neighborhood)-Lilith (myth of the mother murderer)-Mars(violence) conjunct SN. Mars is at an Aries Point bringing the abduction out into the public arena. Mars squaring Pluto is very violent, add the Moon and it's over the top. Add the Eclipses and it's beyond belief. One wonders how the angles are aspected within Abigail's chart which sets her apart from the other babies born on this day.

Day of Abduction, Friday, Sept. 15, Moon opposite Pluto filling out empty leg of the t-square.

Day of Return, Tuesday, Sept. 19, Moon c. Saturn (discipline, governmental law) opposite Neptune (hospitals)-Ceres (mythology of mother whose daughter was abducted).

The Sun has been in Virgo and has passed over the South Node stellium during this time as well and experienced a Solar Eclipse yesterday in conjunction with the South Node.


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