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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Herbert Hoover

Herbert Hoover became President of the United States in 1929. He had made his living first as an engineer and then gained much success in Government jobs helping people in wars, and specialized in getting people fed. So why did the man who spoke up against helping starving Central Europeans after WW1 ("Twenty million people are starving. Whatever their politics, they shall be fed!") fail to help his own nation when it was starving and in need? He apparently was not responsible for the Depression, but most people at the time blamed him.

Herbert Hoover born August 10, 1874 11:15pm West Branch, IA

30 Taurus Rising.
Sun and Moon in Leo stellium with Mars and Uranus in the 4th House.
Aquarius Rising conjunct Saturn in 10th house.
Neptune-North Node-Chiron in Taurus, House 12.
That's a lot of Fixed Energy with a lot of Compassion for others that can be expressed through Government work.

Hoover received his schooling in Mining Engineering at Stanford University. He worked as an Engineer but became progressively more interested in Public Service when he and his wife were caught up in a battle while they were living in China, June 1900. Public Service and Government interest is indicated by the 12th house grouping of Neptune in its own house, North Node and Chiron. This evidently became a bigger part of Hoover's life in 1900 when Hoover's progressed MC moved into Pisces, the sign that Neptune rules. His Progressed Mars had recently finished passing over his 4th house stellium. His life dramatized these transits very nicely as he worked in mining, a 4th house occupation and chose to live overseas, perhaps an Opportunity presented by a passing of p.Mars over his natal Uranus.

Leos are known for their generosity. 4th house represents food and feeding. Hoover's occupations and administrative appointments were all centered around helping other people and feeding them in particular. He was appointed head of the Food Administration and avoided rationing food in the U.S. during WWI while getting enough food to the Allies. He was celebrating his 40th Birthday in London when the Germans attacked France and, appointed spur of the moment (Uranus-Mars), managed to get 120,000 Tourists moved back into the U.S. within 6 weeks. Transiting Uranus and Jupiter were both in his 10th House. Not only was he going through his Uranus opposition and his Neptune square, but Uranus was in its own sign conjunct n. Saturn in its own house and opposing natal Mars, Moon and Uranus in the 4th house. Backed up by all that natal Fixed Energy, who better to move 120,000 American Tourists? This was a Good Guy. You don't often see Good Guys become President.

So he becomes President during a time of Irrational Exuberance. Leo and Taurus certainly can embody that. He's been feeding people from an Administrative Level for the last 20+ years and he's doing really well with this and, boom, the anvil falls. Suddenly he can't feed anyone. Everything with 4th House concerns, food, housing, mining, forestry fails. Suddenly, this guy who rescued little Chinese Kids with his bare hands, threw wigged out Tourists onto boats by the droves, fed most of Central Europe after the War, says that all feeding and care is the responsbility of the Local Governments, not the Feds.

He was even going through his Progressed Moon Return in the 4th house. All through the 20's Neptune was passing through his 4th house of care and feeding and was now trining his natal Neptune-NN-Chiron. There is now a lot of activity in his 6th house. His Progressed Sun was on the cusp. Progressed Mercury was changing into Scorpio right on his South Node and his Progressed Venus was 1 degree away from his Desc. Venus is ruler of his chart. But Neptune, ruler of the 12th house, nicely placed in his 12th house, has finished his run of his 4th house. It even trines itself. 12th house rules Government. He has become President of the United States, even, but his Neptune has moved into the 5th house of Risk and Speculation and apparently his chart is not well decked out for this.

On October 24, the Sun was conjunct his South Node in Scorpio and opposite his NN and Neptune. Chiron was conjunct the transiting NN in his 12th house squaring his 4th house planets. He had just had his Chiron Return and was about to have his Nodal Return. I guess it all just goes back to the Natal Chart. Pluto, Neptune, Chiron with North Node in the 12th house might suggest some sort of really devastating "end of an era" type of energy. Natally he had an exact square of Neptune to Mercury which could have clouded his Mental Abilities with unrealistic expectations. He implemented many Aid programs but didn't believe in Government Assistance on the level that was required at the time and only held office for one term.


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