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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Len Cutler

Len Cutler passed away on Sept. 4, 2006 of heart failure while on a camping trip at Big Basin Redwoods State Park. Hailed in his obituary as the "Henry Ford of Time" and "Father Time" I could only wonder what part Saturn, the planet that rules Time, played in the chart of Len Cutler.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, Mr. Cutler was born on January 10, 1928 in Los Angeles, California.

He had Sun conjunct Mercury in Capricorn opposite Pluto. Saturn in his chart was inconjunct Pluto. It was also conjunct his South Node and Mars in Sagittarius. He also had another prominent inconjunct in his chart between Jupiter-Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Leo.

Mr. Cutler worked for almost 50years at Hewlett-Packard and its spin off, Agilent Laboratories. His specialty was Atomic (Pluto) Clocks (Saturn). His timepieces were so accurate they were used to synchronize the Master Clocks between the U.S. and Switzerland. According to the newspaper Mr. Cutler was able to prove that a person who takes a long distance flight will be younger when he lands than he would have been if he had not taken the flight.

Saturn = Time and Inconjuncts = Adjustments. Who could ask for a better chart to adjust the World's Clocks?


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